there's a lot wrong with this article but oof this is just...bafflingly wrong? my dude seems to think that the civil rights movement started with the version white people are comfortable with in hindsight and that all the other parts were...later activists going too far? what?

white people weaponizing popular misunderstandings of MLK jr against BLM be like

@parenthetical I think it says everything about their understanding of the history of the movement that they think militant antiracism, with scare quotes around it, is new.

@ancient_domains_of_word @parenthetical

So the main argument is, what - it would be really unpleasant to come to terms with if America *wasn't* a land of freedom and opportunity, therefore the anti-racists are wrong and the American myth is true?

@LaComtesseRouge @ancient_domains_of_word there's other arguments in the article but tbh that's the emotional core of it, not being willing to accept that the jewish narrative of finding equality and prosperity in america participates in a broader narrative of american prosperity being built on crimes

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