my work: you have multiple high priority tasks to do today

me: time to design a brutalist megadungeon

like it begins as a large public building with more comprehensible spaces, but the further you go in any direction on whatever level you choose the less the layout makes sense

it's shot through with atria and open vertical space that give you glimpses into other areas, but that somehow just makes it worse

one problem with the brutalist megadungeon is that i'm like mostly thinking about its architecture and have no idea how i'd stock it with things

@Manurweibling i have not read much but it's kind of not my thing?

i guess i'm approaching this idea pretty purely from an architectural perspective, i want to take the already-weird forms of brutalist spaces and make them even weirder

@parenthetical that's fair. what you're describing makes me think of the spacial/geometric/architectural horror that's so prevalent in the SCP universe

@parenthetical @Manurweibling i cant reference anything specific but i guarantee theres multiple SCPs which are examples of this exact type of aesthetic youre after

@Manurweibling i have a hard time articulating what's off-putting to me about the SCP project, but i guess part of its goal is to be weird and off-putting so that's not super surprising

@parenthetical that's valid. the Thing They Do Best is depicting everything through the callous/violent/institutional/rational-empiricist lens of the SCP Foundation, and that can definitely be a buzzkill. the side works that venture outside of that voice are hit-or-miss

@Manurweibling yeah i can see that.

i very much want to design this thing for the perspective of a small group of alienated explorers, and the imposing, abstract forms of brutalism really just work for leaning into that feeling

@Manurweibling so i want it to feel callous and institutional but from the other side, i guess

@parenthetical @Manurweibling have you played CONTROL? it's a similar vibe but from the viewpoint of an outsider, and with more institutional incompetence

@velexiraptor @Manurweibling i have not! i want to, it was honestly watching a video about that game that made me want to do this project

@parenthetical @Manurweibling
I've been counting the turns. we should not be able to see the second mezzanine from here.

also no more solo bathroom breaks.. not after last time. if you see a break room, let me know. sometimes they are... well... broken.

and for don't read what's on any of the notice boards. after the fourth stairwell to the third floor, they just make your head hurt.

custodian seems cool, doesn't seem to be physically present though.

@parenthetical i am delighted by the idea of non-euclidian institutional brutalism, the uniform, indifferent order of architecture breaking down and giving way to more order, more indifference, but wrong somehow, and slightly less indifferent, and i think this is a magnificent project

@parenthetical what kind of people are exploring it and what kind of world are they from? our own?

@Manurweibling i am in general struggling to figure out what i want this game to be about, it's not restricted to the megadungeon

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