alright i wrote up the thing i was on about this morning about unifying monster type/HD and character class/levels

@zatnosk thanks! my main concern with it is that i didnt make the ordinary tracks different in any way besides length, but as i started to i got severely bogged down in it so i decided it was better to publish a sketch than nothing at all

@parenthetical even if length is the only differentiator, it still makes sense to divide them into different ordinary tracks - assuming a character can't pick more than one ordinary track. It limits how powerful a mortal or wild can grow without "training" of some sort.

Plus, if length is the only differentiator, then it'd be easier to do "system-breaking" magic that e.g. transforms a character from a mortal to a timeless or a wyrm in a meaningful way without giving an immediate powerboost.

@zatnosk yeah that was my thought, particularly about the accursed track. the idea would be that certain curses could switch you from the track you started on to the accursed track

i imagine there would be mechanical reflections of which track you're on, like animal friendship type abilities working with any wild thing or exorcism working on accursed ones, but keeping the tracks themselves pretty minimal keeps the system tidy.

@parenthetical oh yeah, skills and spells that only work with/against select tracks would be pretty awesome.

I can even imagine skills that work against an opponents extraordinary tracks, because you're trained to counteract their training;

e.g. an anti-mage warrior that had a bonus against spells from anyone with levels in a mage track, but not other sources of spells, because they're trained to spot the movements and incantations of mages.

@parenthetical tangentially, what's the reasoning behind calling it "nerve dice"? I like the name, but I'm curious how you arrived at it.

@zatnosk oh, that's an artifact of me preferring to call hit points "nerve" so there's not an assumption that losing hit points always means physical injury.

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