right now we're shitposting about... *consults ephemeris tables* the european publication of translations of the "sacred books of the east"?

ever think about the phrase "buddhism: the protestantism of the east"?

because ever since i read about the thoroughly cursed history of the development of the idea of "world religions," i do


my favorite fact about the history of religion is that when japan was looking to europe for how to modernize the europeans were like "you need to respect freedom of religion" meaning "you need to let xian missionaries in" but japan was like, wtf is that and sent people to europe to try to figure out what they meant and they reported back that freedom of religion is when you say that people can be any religion but really there's a state religion that gets special treatment.

in general i don't think we think enough about exactly how damning the westernization of japan is of the western project. japan took a careful look at the US and europe and was like "we need to do more racism/colonialism"

@parenthetical@monads.online the entire history of Japan x the west is so instructive of both cultures. Christianity was so inherently incompatible with their sensibilities from the start and a lot of the key interactions in the history of evangelizing Japan are out of a comic book, including but not limited to the time they thought the Portuguese were invading because of a translation error of a missionary unloading a boat and the time Toyotomi issued an edict banning Christianity because he couldn't get any women to sleep with him in a newly Christian fief.

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