alas i watched some videos where a guy talks about castles and shit and now my youtube recommendations are full of this and other guys complaining about fantasy being unrealistic

what's an example of "hard" magic in fiction? definitely the series where what you can do with the undefined mystic energy field surrounding all life is never really explained

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i feel like if you mention brian sanderson in your video about soft vs hard magic you have tipped your entire hand

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he's explicitly saying that all magic systems have fixed rules but soft magic systems do not establish them explicitly and hard magic systems do and honestly that is such a fucked approach to storytelling

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"it's not clear what's going on in this fight between gandalf and the lich (sic) king, and that's a weakness in the writing" WHY DON'T YOU PAY ATTENTION TO THE PIECE OF MEDIA YOU ARE CONSUMING, I WILL FIGHT YOU, YOU FUCK

that's all he had by the way. just asserting that in every piece of writing, magic follows naturalistic rules which are either stated for the reader's benefit (hard) or not (soft) and that if you contradict an established rule or fail to use something established previously at a time when it would have been useful that's a plot hole and bad writing

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listen, buddy, i know you're a published author and i'm just a shitposter, but you do know that one of the more interesting things to do after you explicitly establish a rule is break that rule, right? that's like a thing you can do, intentionally, as an author and people can still find it entertaining?

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also star wars was mentioned once explicitly in this video to commend its use of themes w/r/t the dark side and then to put stills of rey behind him while he talks about plot holes and deus ex machina

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also also he implies in a similar manner that dr strange has a hard magic system and is a better film than the star wars sequels which: what?

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@parenthetical when I asked my mother if I could listen to some of her Pink Floyd CDs because I started to discover prog rock, she said
"back in my days we only had two genres: soft rock and hard rock".

somehow, this made me think of that conversation.

@parenthetical are these about the video or about brandon sanderson a so called laws of magic?

@hope by which i mean is that he brings up mistborn as an example and specifically cites the laws of magic and how mistborn does that well (despite the resolution of that novel specifically breaking the way its magic was established to work)

@parenthetical in what fanfiction is gandalf fighting a lich king? O.o

@zatnosk @parenthetical my wrath of the lich king raid group from 2007 obviously, featuring Gandalff the arcane mage

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