I’m only going to feel satisfied when I do it myself, amn’t I.

This itch has been needing a scratch for way too long.

conlang reading list 

- The Art of Language Invention
- Rosenfelder’s Advanced Language Construction + Conlanger’s Lexipedia
- Tolkien’s A Secret Vice (reread)

useful linguistics material:

- refresh on historical ling (Campbell has a new edition in January)
- some typological survey
- Greenbergian universals
- up-to-date research on phono-semantics
- Hyman’s universals of tone
- get better at morphosyntactic alignment

#conlang #linguistics

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conlang reading list 

@elilla if you don't mind my adding to the list, the Conlanger's Thesaurus is quite good:


(book i have not read) A World Lexicon of Grammaticalization

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