seems really hard for some leftists to believe that, while us leaders stoke racism and xenophobia against china for political reasons, china might actually also be doing horrible shit to its muslim populations when in fact it is extremely easy for both of those things to be true

are the dprc and ussr the target of literal decades of western fearmongering? yes

is there unambiguous evidence that the dprc and ussr persecute the hell out of specific ethnic and religious minorities? also yes.

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also, somehow, the only case westerners want to talk about is tibet, where a religious autocracy literally owned 90% of the population as serfs until the chinese army (with tremendous tibetan popular support) deposed them

but the dalai lama, former literal slaveowner, gets to be a human rights darling because it was scary communism that freed his slaves

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(perhaps it''s because caring about the human rights of buddhists doesn't, for the most part, contradict western foreign policy in the way caring about the human rights of muslims would)

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but tibet is kind of beside the point i'm making it's like

even if you're an ML (which i'd say i am) you should condemn genocide regardless of whether it's communists or capitalists doing the genocide

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@parenthetical very very true

Also I do like the tibet example, because on the other side of the spectrum there is also (in the US and France, the rest of the """western world""" idk) demonization to the point of "oh, china, vietnam, the eastern bloc, and all these places all was 100% bad and everything bad that ever happened is only because of that and oh we made things all better" when things are a lot more complicated and we have to acknowledge that it's not just black an white

@parenthetical so you'd agree that Lenin shouldn't have killed all the anarchists? Or was that justified in the name of state-building?

@parenthetical I like this take. I'm slowly working my way through the claims in and trying to figure out how much and what I believe and it's confusing

@restioson i meant prc. i misremembered the distinction between roc and prc.

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