is there a better way to shut down discord? probably.

how am i doing it?

ps -al | grep Discord | awk '{print "kill " $4}' | sh &


the CS classes you take: implement red-black trees and mergesort

the CS classes you need: hey all the information you need is spread across a half dozen CSV files with incompatible formats, unfuck that please

if another person replies to tell me about pkill i'm deleting this fucking thread

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@mcmoots @parenthetical Depends on the size of the CSV file. If it's less than 10MB in size, it's "data science". If it's larger, it's "big data"


@ed1conf @mcmoots @parenthetical A friend is a computational physicist who's first language was awk, used to do matrix math. He was thrilled when he found out about Perl (uses python now).

@dlovell @ed1conf @mcmoots @parenthetical If he likes Perl, perhaps he might like Raku as well. There’s a Math::Matrix module there, and the entire Raku language is designed by Larry Wall (creator of Perl) with all lessons learned from Perl 1 through 5. As such, the language is very perlish.

@dlovell @ed1conf @mcmoots @parenthetical I find Python a rather mediocre language, lacking static types etc., but I'm kind of admitting it because of the adoption by the broader community of what some people call semi-programmers.
Never learned Perl, but Awk & Sed are one of my favorite tools.

@dlovell @ed1conf @mcmoots @parenthetical P.S. Speaking of quantitative data processing, I'd also throw in GNUplot and perhaps GLPK.

@parenthetical I'm only objecting to the word "need" here. Now somebody needs to know that, because earlier somebody else wasn't thinking ahead?
Indeed, that's what the youth and next generations are for — cleaning up the shit…

@parenthetical @rey I’ve worked in typical CS fields for nearly 20 years now. I have no formal CS training, my degree was in electronics engineering.

I’ve never had to write a sort, but I’ve had to ingest data from multiple incompatible formats hundreds of times.

@parenthetical I have archives of toots and tweets with different internal formats and external formats from across the years and the idea of getting them into a searchable, reportable SQLite database causes me distress.

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