on the one hand: it will never be the 1970s again, but on the other hand: it will never be the 1970s again

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ladx, you will never recover the true untouched essence of how dave and gary played their games, just own your own preferences and play the game the way you want to play it

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another day, another deep dive into the "real creative intentions" behind d&d like folks it's not that deep dave and gary wrote a lot of rules that weren't super clear and there have always been a bunch of incompatible ways to put them into play

good morning to the guy who uploaded an hour of this 1974 concert by link wray


the national labor shortage, or "an entire generation realizes that those supply demand curves from high school econ were a lie and the system just runs on cruelty"

gradually upping the ante on the things that i try to cyberbully @dankwraith into doing until i cyberbully them into implementing communism

@dankwraith the other option which occurred to me was to keep like whole ass tree structures in the components but that seems way worse

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@dankwraith ECS question: i know components aren't supposed to contain behavior, but how would one represent a lot of NPCs with different dialog trees?

the only thing that occurs to me is to essentially have each one contain a tag to a line in a script, and then have an engine that scrolls to that part of the script and shows the appropriate dialog options to the player when they start a conversation with them

actually, it's not based at all, it's part of the superstructure, learn ur materialist analysis

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my hot take is that blue oyster cult is pretty good

folks i've caught the villain behind depriving the united states of infrastructure. the kangaroo court trial and summary execution of my dick and balls will be on the 15th

if a fairy has challenged you to do an impossible task, simply wait until they are slightly distracted and then hit them with a telepathic suggestion to rub their stomach and mime taking off their hat, as this is the universally understood gesture of unconditional surrender

if a fae offered me a deal, i'd simply hold out my hand and say 'no way, jack. whatever you're selling, i'm not buying'

Do you think anprims see that DW meme about not reading and just think "god I wish I was her"

folks this is the 2021 mood we're going for




anprim voice: you'd like to replace a social order that oppresses most people to enrich a few with a social order that benefits all people? have you considered that that would still be a social order, and therefore no different than oppressing everyone

i think there was a thing where there was someone who could move so fast that time basically stood still for them but they were still hilariously slow compared to dave. like they're dashing in between the frozen forms of the people around them but from dave's perspective they're moving but like, moving in exaggerated slomo

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pretty sure that salami dave was in my dream but i can't remember any details

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