i have neither seen this show nor know what cheeky nandos are

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in the time since i have installed the lichess app i have attempted 469 chess puzzles, for an average of 15.9 puzzles per non-sabbath hour

for silver, the following fits surprisingly well:

a basic hoard contains a number of *lots of silver equal to the difference of two d6. for each lot, roll a d20 and, if it does not make the total for that lot more than 50 weights, add that many weights of silver to the hoard.

hoards from the pre-debasement era seem to cluster around multiples of 40, with most being less than 50. this procedure does preclude very small hoards but it also allows for empty hoards so i think it works rather well.

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whattup fools, i'm looking up recorded romano-brittish coin hoards to reality check my procedures for treasure generation


we're roasting a chicken with a mustard glaze and it smells UNREASONABLY good

*star trek voice* computer, show me *looks around nervously* anime girls

otoh lichess is free and i have done nearly 170 puzzles since installing the app this morning

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i think lichess puzzles must be easier than chess.com ones because my puzzle rating is over 1800 on lichess and like 1200 there?


we dont do thanksgiving but we both love cooking so since i have the day off we're making time intensive foods, i'm making my great grandmother's crescent rolls and these bad boys require you to sift your flour FOUR TIMES which has left me and my counter both totally dusted in stray flour

we have been watching the queens gambit in really weird chunks, about the length of one episode but our stopping point is always 15-20 min into each episode and i think this might be helping break its spell for me

the ironposting over at @Manurweibling has reminded me of a whole fantasy cosmology i had worked out in high school with ten worlds corresponding to the (then) nine astronomical planets plus hell arranged in a tree-of-life pattern

every world had an associated metal that it was identified with, which would be baneful to entities from other worlds. fairies generally come from the venus/copper world so on earth, iron would be bad for them.

i believe also the physical properties of the metals would be different on different worlds, with that world's metal being a stronger material than other ones'.

YouTube pop historians: Find Out Why the Developers Put Female Characters in Knee Breeches in Chaos of Battle: 1776


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AAA video games: immerse yourself in the world of Ancient Egypt, and restore your health with uhhhhhhhhhh I dunno tomatoes

A dozen YouTube pop historians: Egyptian Tomatoes? Unlock the Story Behind the Foods of Sand Oath 3

Me: they didn't do any research. That's it, that's the story

my sexuality 

this is all theoretical as i'm married to a woman, but my thinking about my own sexuality has evolved to be "yeah i'm a straight man and so sometimes i want to frick dudes or be fricked by dudes, like straight men do"

"most books are full of harmful nonsense" cool cool, very good and meaningful statement that applies to books and no other medium of human communication

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