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what is worse than taking a difficult shit in the sweltering heat, i ask you

the virgin card game (poker, bridge) vs the chad tile game (mah jong, dominos)

we are like half moved in to a new house and my body is fucking destroyed

Penciling "yikes my dude" and "not a good look king" in the margins of Marquis de Sade

since fear and arousal are close cousins, people are neurobiologically wired to want to fuck you if you carry a halloween pumpkin with you

dark souls, a game many have called "the dark souls of video games,"

i learned a while ago that some publishers used to sell the book blocks, without covers, on the assumption that customers would want to cover all their books in a consistent style and honestly that rules

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gonna start an independent publishing house that exclusively publishes sober clothbound editions of out of copyright classics and mass market paperback new genre fiction with garish 70s van painting covers

then take your 2-6 rascals, shove them into a situation that is ready to fall apart in three different ways and watch them find a fourth

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you want to weave everyone's characters together? either throw them in medias res together or ask everyone one (1) leading question about their relation to someone else at the table

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character creation (fully random, if possible) in less than 10 min or i'm outta here, i got dishes to do i can't be fucking around with chargen for two hours

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just the idea of playing a game that has a session zero makes me tired

anyway you can tell architecture school is garbage bc they give these kids assignments with infinite money and no regulations but no one ever comes up with the ideal architecural form, which is to say the wooden synagogues of the polish-lithuanian commonwealth

releasing a version of das kapital with relevant wojaks

also thinking about how they learn things like mechanicals sort of as an afterthought (one i talked to said she got an A in mechanicals but remembers none of it) and like, this seems backwards

i don't want to live in half of someone's creative vision that was compromised because the HVAC needs to go somewhere.

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