this is a joke about how frig, being the name of a pagan god, is less kosher to swear by than the fuck word

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little brain: fuck!
medium brain: frig!
big brain: frig (hevel v'riq)!
galaxy brain: fuck!

i dont care how few people will get this it's an incredible joke

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turkic-speaking peoples of the tarim basin: hey can we copy your homework

sogdians: yeah but just change it a little bit so no one notices

turkic-speaking peoples of the tarim basin:
n t b
o h e
a i
p n n
r k g
o s
b c
l f o
e o o
m r l

making all my posts in hieratic from now on

i get an amount of joy from the fact that 90% of the fb presence of this one acquaintance of mine from a religious program a couple of summers ago is her posting about female ejaculation workshops that she's running

when gay men hug they are doing so because they are attempting to form a crystal lattice. it is actually unrelated to sexual attraction

broke: "identify" as a spell in ttrpgs
woke: fantasy antiques roadshow

a bunch of funky Normans in 1066: hon hon hon Anglaishmen, eet ees time to acquiyer some Franch vocabulaire eef you would like any, how do you say, prestige et upwarrd mobilité

a bunch of Anglophones on the 21st century Internet: whoa, this meme in a Romance language TRANSCENDS language!

Baby animal 

i take it back targeted ads are good now (targeted ads continue to suck shit)

fired: int, wis, or cha is magic depending on your class
tired: adding a magic stat
wired: HP is magic
inspired: inventory slots are magic

evopsych gender nonsense is more or less how most people I encounter imagine the history of gender: before roughly last week it was "the self-imagined 1950's in white enclaves of suburban America" for one hundred thousand years continuously

relatedly, for gay people before 1969, it was always exactly like mid-20th century white American suburbs for thousands of years

neither of those things are true, and suburban American white enclaves in the 1940s-1960s were extremely unrepresentative of the deep, broad, inextricably-geographical history of gender in its totality

expelled from the school of my wudang sword instructor for bellowing "WU TANG FOREVER" whenever i'm losing a bout

"braggart" i'm least sure about, but i like the way it frames adventurers' mode of social interaction

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i'm not entirely sure but i think i want to name the abilities: braggart, ranger, explorer and captain.

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