me: i would say that the divine spirit did not rest upon me in the preparation of this meal.

spouse: well...that's hardly unusual isnt it?

me: that's rather heretical of you

her: what?

me: to imply that i have any power to cook other than what Hashem Yisborech allows me

her: i was just saying that—

me: or perhaps you mean to imply that the source of my cooking is demonic? that ashmedai, prince of that race, has something to do with my stir frying?

her:'re having fun with this aren't you

severely needed feature on mastodon: "never show me this specific post again"

i have decided to embrace mads description of me as the dhampir house musician at a speakeasy

this message brought you by listening to Slough Feg again after too long

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with heaven as my witness, i love electric guitar noodling, the more indulgent the better

what if i decided in my thirtieth year and for no particular purpose to actually learn about differential equations

just another evening banging pots and pans together and hollering ARTISTS DO THINGS IN THEIR WORK FOR AESTHETIC REASONS

like this is entirely distinct from the question of if you asked homer, what color would he say the sea is. he is not wandering around with paint swatches being like "hmm are the sea and wine close enough in color to say this?" he says it's wine-dark because that sounds cool. it makes us feel things about the sea.

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also, poetry is all about saying things that are not literally true. like you can just say "he was a ferocious bear of a man" without someone being some sort of anthropomorphic bear.

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the way people describe colors is extremely cultural, and the dominant ideas about color today are of particularly recent vintage.

ancient greeks simply did not have an understanding of color where different things consistently reflecting certain colors of light. and you know what? there are a lot of lighting conditions that make the sea to appear dark-hued.

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i think the most hilarious case of "nerds can't read" has to be the people who think that since homer describes the sea as "wine-dark," people in the past didnt know what fucking blue was

few people in history have committed harder to a bit than jrrt in the appendices to rotk

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also that, since in the hobbit's language the gendering of -o and -a in names was reversed from ours, "Frodo" was originally "Froda"

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your reminder that tolkien says in the appendices to RotK that "Samwise Gamgee" was just how he chose to translate "Banazir Galpsi" from the Red Book of Westmarch so it would sound familiarly english to his readers

making category mistakes in french nominal morphology and getting hauled away by the gender gendarme

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