Hammers are forever the most boring melee weapon I will not budge

Like to see you try and pole vault into the air with a sword smh

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Some ANTI SPEAR rhetoric on the tl tonight and I don't think I'll stand for it

"Spears aren't cool" I mean if you use them practically yeah, you're supposed to swing it around like a staff

You ask if I want to play chess. I naturally say "of course I do, I love chess". Smiling, you pull out a chess board and begin to set up the pieces, since you offered you'll let me take white, you say cordially. I thank you and let you begin setting up your pieces. You look at me curiously as I have not set a single piece onto the board. "Of course of course, I apologize for my absent mindedness I say as I set down an intricate resin figure. It's the figurine for my level 20 evocation wizard. As realization dawns on you you open your mouth to scream but it's too late, I have already rolled initiative.

"hmm, wonder whats happening on twitch"

*AoC is playing: Among Us*

Guess this is just something I have to expect now?

Pilot the EVA Link, or Mipha will have to do it again

I'm not a mark for many things but when you break out the heavy percussion and the methodical chanting but in a higher key? I fucking losing it for that

mh - 

Local Wolf Girl [Does A Big Fucking Cry]

[Today Sucked, She'll Probably Cry More Later]

Slowly coming to terms with the fact that I have a pretty good understanding of all the things I need to know about how fighting games work and this Does Not Help Me Win Sets

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