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I sleep with my phone under the pillow, it's kind of like sleeping with a knife under the pillow but my kill range is much longer

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Emilys will always be like *hands u an envelope closed with her personal seal detailing the political agitator in her court that must disappear mysteriously, long live her highness*

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Ok my steam is on brand now, DM for it if you ever want to play the cursed video games together!

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I just found out that there are so many people in tech! Open your computers! Crack apart your phones! Let them out of there!

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I'm not gonna make it a week, I'll be playing EW in 2 days at this rate

alices new avi is too cute for the shit she says with it

*staring at centralfiction* Just a bit couldn't hurt right?

It's too late now but you better believe tomorrow I'm gonna fuck with centralfiction

Boy it's a good thing i'm honest to god divine right of kings royal blood, sure do love having all this power over others, hope no one owns me for being elevated above the masses as is my birthright

In honor of the anarchists the Monads will be performing a 2 act play with 15 minute intermission, I assure you all participants in this production are of equal standing, our director made su-oooooh fuck

There are no hierarchies? Who the fuck is going to finish running D&D?

This is what fascists Actually believe

(post credited to jordan peterson)

Just found out about this thing in magic called The Stack and i dunno that seems like it might be a hierarchy

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