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I sleep with my phone under the pillow, it's kind of like sleeping with a knife under the pillow but my kill range is much longer

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Emilys will always be like *hands u an envelope closed with her personal seal detailing the political agitator in her court that must disappear mysteriously, long live her highness*

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Ok my steam is on brand now, DM for it if you ever want to play the cursed video games together!

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I just found out that there are so many people in tech! Open your computers! Crack apart your phones! Let them out of there!

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huge shoutout to the first guy who figured out the rope detainment techniques of medieval japanese law enforcement would spice the bedroom WAY up

Sex is great but you know what would make sex even better? If we fucked it up with extra bits

-some genius 2000 years ago

I'm not really learning anything new about alice but I am gettin confirmation about a great deal

I was not a spacetwinks hater hipster but I was an "i don't care for this colin spacetwinks" hipster

they can deny it all the want but between this and the cowbell post yesterday i think morgans being horny on main

I don't know how many shits you think you don't give but Ys has the Romun Empire, so you need to step up your game

I haven't given up on my ayaka prayers but damn did hopes and dreams get shattered by an astrologian today

How do people make new videogames when they know the bloons exists

I will not add more discord servers, if i get any more it means one of my current ones is getting the axe so when you invite me to one, please ask yourself

"am I good enough to make Emily kill a discord server"

torn between making a stream discord and making it a Thing and my solemn vow to not have any more discord servers

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