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Ok my steam is on brand now, DM for it if you ever want to play the cursed video games together!

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I just found out that there are so many people in tech! Open your computers! Crack apart your phones! Let them out of there!

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"it's iconic" no it's inefficient give it the fucking thunderstone you fool

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*walking up to the stage of the Anonymous meeting*

"Hi my names Emily"

*everyone chimes in* "Hi Emily."

"And I...follow 4 -girlsbot accounts"

If I had a nickel for every one of my neighbours who has disco lights visible through their windows

I'd have ten cents but it still seems weird

Antorbok. Pargon. Magormor. Pargon. Pargon. Mantorok. Pargon

honestly if i ever made a game it would be myst but you can wallrun

I don't know shit about the xbox they're been eating shit for years now

the ps3 to the ps4 was a visible improvement and an impressive one, now it's time to stop

Listen, I played kingdom hearts 3 earlier this year. There were times during cutscenes I actually had trouble viewing it as game animation. we DO NOT need better graphics at this point, the graphic race is over, if you've got to innovate please innovate somewhere else

everyone likes to boost that one but no one is brave enough to give me an answer

an hour and a half of bard/tavern music came in to my recommended and you know i'm going to listen to the entire fucking thing

i'm beginning to think making eirens last word was sheer dumb luck the first time I did it

got to stage 4 on normal after like 5 years away STILL GOT IT BAYBEY

i'm still going back to play imperishable night again but you know, it's good

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