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Emilys will always be like *hands u an envelope closed with her personal seal detailing the political agitator in her court that must disappear mysteriously, long live her highness*

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Ok my steam is on brand now, DM for it if you ever want to play the cursed video games together!

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I just found out that there are so many people in tech! Open your computers! Crack apart your phones! Let them out of there!

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the minute you look up a guide for an mmo class is when you lose the mmo

Like A. That's a sex toy, that is just a sex toy. B, those things are fucking expensive!!!

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Thinking about that time they did the crit role gift opening section and someone legit sent keyleth vampire gloves

Crit role is a really important show to me and I absolutely adore it but recommending it to people is like when people tell me to read one piece, I'm sure it's amazing and I will enjoy it immmensely but I do not have access to a hyperbolic time chamber

It's been 5 minutes of this show and i already do not trust the reality around our protagonists

lo-fi lesbians to uncover eldritch secrets and lose your mind to

I'm eating an impossible sandwich, sorry this tastes nothing like meat

Not a kinnie or a furry but I can see how you'd get confused these days

It get this really warm feeling knowing that there's a character in a thing I like that people associate heavily with me

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