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I sleep with my phone under the pillow, it's kind of like sleeping with a knife under the pillow but my kill range is much longer

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Emilys will always be like *hands u an envelope closed with her personal seal detailing the political agitator in her court that must disappear mysteriously, long live her highness*

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Ok my steam is on brand now, DM for it if you ever want to play the cursed video games together!

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I just found out that there are so many people in tech! Open your computers! Crack apart your phones! Let them out of there!

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I need to stream for a year consistently uh...for my goals

Might show everyone sky second chapter....hmmmm

How do you react to someone going "you work the hardest to make the people around you happy and everyone loves you"

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I don't think I have ever been more flattered and flustered than when Kara kin assigned me Towa, especially now that I know all about her

The bot that makes up sex moves is ok though, that one can stay

Oh are we talking about bots that need to die? it's still assbot69

Sam gives me three genuine worries about trails of cold steel taking place in a school, i listen to all of her legitimate beliefs about games taht take place in schools then call her an absolute fool and cretin, kiseki is built different

*browsing pornhub as I mouse over "she just wanted to borrow some sugar!"*

What a positively mundane request, where could they even go from there? now I have to know what happens!

This is why i am always briskly walking from place to place when I talk to you

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If you need to know anything about my family it's that my parents own boxed sets of the entire run of The West Wing

if you for some inane reason want to make me go off faster than all hell just say the line "Why is all anime made for teenage boys, why isn't there anything I as an adult can relate to" because oooh boy

you don't hate anime you just won't watch things that aren't shounen

It's been a hot minute so this is your non-timed reminder that symphogear still sucks ass

gonna have to really pick back up on second chapter if i want to play it before my girlfriend does at this rate

trying to come up with necromancy puns for gofundme or paypal of ko-fi etc. but i got NOTHING

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