yeah ill get a large ivermocha with horse paste on top

becoming increasingly confused as FDA officials assure me i don't have to put "guaranteed not fertilized" on the side of my Cadbury Crème Eggs

Hi I’m here to see some absolutely rancid takes. show me what you got

I got a response!! It seems like they weren't interested, maybe I need to edit the script a bit

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fam i just saw a clip of doctor who. doctor who the fuck likes that show.


@mari "sandwich taco" is the same as using the last piece of bread before realizing you only have one to use so you carefully wrap it around the sandwich fillings and do your best.


the Taco Bell chicken sandwich taco is a crime

how to know if it is the best star wars movie flow chart 

does it have ewoks?
yes no
| |
| |
best throw it away

placing a geocache in an open clearing and waiting in a deer stand with my rifle until a redditor comes for it

if you give birth from 21 June to 22 July does that make you a carcinogen

heard news that tumblr is starting some sort of subscription/paywall type of thing. Just. Every step they take is baffling. they seem to be experts on how to run a social media website to the ground

loudly insisting to my kiwi friends that ‘it’s pronounced “new zedland”, actually’

people worry about voter IDs but they don't worry that i've finagled my way into getting 17 pfizer shots and can now squat a minivan

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