@georgespolitzer happy Rico day!!! hope u had a good time yesterday and can also do something for yourself today!

nazi mention 

that video game discord I joined is going great

dudes will program in Java instead of going to therapy

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ooh new 90 minute homestuck video. so embarrassing for WP so far

I got gendered correctly at a coffee shop in a t shirt and jeans :blobcatmelt:

idk who needs this but all Apple accessories like cables and wall adapters have a 1 year warranty and if you set up the replacement over the phone we’re not allowed to ask for a receipt to confirm it’s within the 1 year period, we just take you at your word.

why do they call it lenin when you len in the means of production len out the hot sieze the means

these people suck so bad. you’ve gotta be a little bit of a narcissist to be a big youtuber right

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oh god there’s a youtuber who used to talk about her homelessness and she just got exposed for being a van life person at the time and not like… actually ever homeless


saw someone talking about how they’re aging canned beer and how a 3 year old IPA was “much, much better” than a 2 year old one but uh that is not how fermentation in alcoholic beverages works like, at all lol

the discord for the game I’m playing has an Italian channel and it’s only ever full of the 🤌 emoji and Italians asking everyone to stop

a strike is just group nonconsensual findomming of your boss. and that's why it's not woke

my worldview has no contradictions whatsoever so if you ever have a question about politics or the nature of reality i can answer those

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