coming into the portland area i passed by a ranch marked “FOSS RANCH” and i can’t help but wonder if the tech bros are expanding

i think it’s epic that in the land of the free or whatever i have to search whether a place i’m thinking of stopping to rest in during a road trip has a history of being a sundown town

anyway my osrs posts are targeted to an audience of like 5 people including myself so thanks for listening

i think what makes it odd to me is that you can't train it by playing the game, you have to play another game inside osrs to train it.

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agility is a weird skill because it's generally very useful to the game in general but unlike every(?) other skill, you don't train it by doing the thing that it helps you do. like running and recovering will never train agility but cooking a fish trains cooking. you have to go to these specialized areas and go on obstacle courses or do a couple minigames that can be fun, but it's an odd experience.

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new instance called that's just dweebs telling each other to log off

type of guy who's against allowlist by default because he had to suffer through reply guys so now everyone should go through the same thing since it builds character or whatever

[guy who invented corn tea voice] what if you could drink fritos, man

wait a minute you goddamn nerds i thought this was how it was supposed to work already. is firefox lying or was everyone else

idk it would seem to me that if you were seriously trying to contain tensions over an easily preventable action you would have perhaps prevented the action

imagine the kind of joyless freak who makes reddit bots

Oui is pronounced like "wee" because france is piss send ppost

those sharks that occasionally monch on the internet cables in the ocean are comrades

i was watching one of those garbage youtube shows where strangers interact against a white backdrop and one of them asked what the other’s favorite music was and they said “early twentieth century labor songs”

we get it, you’re a communist

When you think about it, instance admins are kind of like clout landlords 😔

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