after trying them for a second time it is my firm position that the blue heat takis are not edible but rather non-toxic

I quit a job interpreting for insurance agents 2 weeks in because they're so ghoulish. I can't imagine the apathy necessary to actually be one and deny the lifesaving treatments as they do


is there somebody you forgot to ask?

doctor: i consent
patient: i consent
insurance agent: i don't


Who would win, all of Pleroma or one person on a chicken-themed instance?

fewer words are more versatile in Mexican slang Spanish than “pedo” and I just think that’s really neat

the concept of meltdown may implies that for 11 months out of 12 people are acting somewhat normal. and i've been on the internet and i don't think that's true

I just released Bee Sides, a collection of songs recorded while working on my last album! The tracks here are lovely if slightly rough around the edges, but I really think you'll enjoy listening to them. Album art is of course by the inimitable @jaye

something I’ve discovered on fedi is that you can dream up any sort of hyperbolic nazi domain and be reasonably sure some flavor of that same domain is already an instance

'a lot of nazis on pleroma, huh'

pleromans in your mentions within 3 seconds:

I played Pokémon gold so much as a kid that the cartridge’s internal battery ran out and it wouldn’t save my progress anymore. hundreds of hours.

can't believe you listen to music any other way than downloading the full album in a lossless format, then pressing it on a 3d printed vinyl. you fool. you knave

I bouhgt a Huawei phone amd I whisper American state secrets into its microphonw all day--its called proletarian internatoinalism bb

Lucy did prince Albert actually have a price Albert

apparently Facebook had a breach of 530 million users’ personal data and they have no plans on telling the users who were affected. great service.

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