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actually this is extremely sad she was underweight as fuck (took her diabetes diet too far) and she just got her weight back to a healthy level and she's already trying to lose weight again why. why.

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my grandma: are you on a diet?
me: no. why would i be on a diet? i dont want to lose weight
my grandma: :surprised_pikachu:

i think bojack horseman is probably my favorite tv show of all time. maybe more than avatar without the nostalgia factor

151 pokémon are already too many, imo

my mom is fine but she has to have bags of blood hanging from her chest for a couple of weeks, which is very uncomfortable, yet sounds very funny

@maki still gives you a lot of catholic points I suppose

alternatively, people be not living in flores when they were born

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frankly im surprised i only know of one person who was

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i love telling people a friend from high school was baptized by the pope

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im uh, kind of scared once the annual rent adjustment for inflation hits i'll have to move back with my mom so im noticing everything

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re: food, eating habits 

my mom and i are so incompatible because i stress eat a lot and she always has junk food around. i dont feel particularly inclined to stress eat junk food but if there isn't something else i will

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Applying Moneyball analytics to my dick, and balls

food, eating habits 

i spent the last three days at my moms and these bitches have dessert every single day. i used to live like this!! i didnt even realize it was this bad like i literally could not feel satisfied with a meal until i'd had dessert and now that i moved out thank god that addiction has been curved. im at fuckin...risk for diabetes and i lived like this lmfao but the scariest part is i did not even realize it like i thought i ate well

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