Something about today has me stuck thinking on the cruelty and violence of our time in history

Killed an arachnid witch of chaos, but now her sister is the head priestess of your new church??? That's dark souls babey :angry_laugh:

Gonna drop a for the latest Anathema newsletter thing on the texel lighting technique they implemented - it seems even cooler now that I get the context!

re: trans, +, genitals (tucking) 

After this, I think I would like to get GRS someday

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re: trans, +, genitals (tucking) 

I got a little euphoric, especially when I tried on some pants. But the overwhelming feeling was one of... Yeah, that's my crotch. It felt very, very normal to have this thing that could be a vagina under the tape. My penis is the quirky oddity, like an injury without pain. Like something that causes your body to behave in a novel way that necessitates accommodation.

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re: trans, +, genitals (tucking) 

I didn't consciously feel bad (dysphoric?) about my penis before this. I was expecting to be ambivalent, or to experience a shot of euphoria the way I did when I got my bra

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trans, +, genitals (tucking) 

Tried this for the first time tonight. It went ... okay!

whats a good pokemon rom hack. looking for good writing in particular

Probably an astoundingly bad take on the stock market situation 

Tbh I imagine a lot of non-leftists might be in this boat - I could see one hating capitalism, but expressing that by trying to ruthlessly game the system until you're the one up top. All the arguments for the efficiency of markets or whatever are the comforting rationalizations deployed solely because there's a faint strain of democracy about the place, though die to be stamped out.


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Probably an astoundingly bad take on the stock market situation 

There's catharsis in seeing a farce made of the system that's slowly grinding away at the world

But also a not insignificant number of workers are leveraging their retirements on hedge funds (if I understand what a 401k is supposed to be?) and seeing that endangered seems bad for people who maybe don't deserve it?

But then again any end to capitalism would involve the same, leading a class of people into effectively a hostage situation. Either embrace their chains or jettison the promise of freedom from them later in life.

I am genuinely not sure I have the perspective or knowledge of theory to untangle this, or know what to think.

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asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


i need around $50 for groceries, like $60-ish for medical weed, and $60 for my california health insurance that's due in a few days (once my ID arrives in the mail i'll sign up for washington health insurance)

i've been trying to find a job video editing or something, i can't work anywhere facing the public because i have asthma and if i catch covid i'll die excruciatingly


venmo/cashapp: vantablack420

thank you so much for literally keeping me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:


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nonspecific pol? 

"Are such pillars of democracy as respect for minority rights, the rule of
law, and checks and balances on executive power at risk in some of the
world’s oldest democracies?"

uni is back in session and it's time to read papers by people who sincerely ask questions like this once again
this paper was written in 2017 by a US citizen, mind you, so this is a staggering but not at all atypical lack of perspective

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i was reading about the historical development of corridors in building plans and i was not prepared for the intensity of this take

Evans, Robin. "Figures, Doors and Passages," 1978.

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GUYS: is it gay to commit? You're really putting into a place to be disposed of or kept safe. ☕️😳

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#retrocomputer in need of a new home

This Zilog Z80-based TRS-80 MC-10 came to me in 2018 from a stash of "new old stock" someone found in Texas.

I added the MCX-128 expansion cartridge to beef it up to 128KB of RAM along with an updated, more capable MCX-BASIC ROM.

It works fine but I have other Z80 machines to love and it deserves to be used more than I ever will.

US$75 and I'll cover shipping in the US. That's what I paid for the MC-10, so it's like getting the MCX-128 expansion for free.

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sorry losers, your challenge coin collection is inferior to mine, check out my crown jewel

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is it possible to stream on peertube? followup: are there any non-nazi peertube instances?

is this anything trans edition 

trans femmes and wanting pressure on our chest, a feeling of discomfort without it (especially at incidental touches). Wearing a bra seems to relieve this. I've seen this in myself (pre-transition) and others seemed to have had this experience...

Genuinely unsure if this is a boob thing

For those who've tried it (especially as an admin) how is misskey?

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#amreading jamie berrout's essays against publishing:

"What I want to say to trans women writers is that we’re no different. Because we lose sight of the ways that our workis formed out of and furthers colonization. We forget the ways
all of this is bound together: how trans womanhood (the picture of a trans woman; who is seen and allowed to be one) is
constructed out of race/racism, which itself also constructs colonial gender; how Trans Literature has been and continues to
be a white supremacist project, which is also colonization, also gender; how publishing is built on the capitalist logic of merit, hierarchies of worth and superiority, which are also constitutive of the colony, of gender."
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