i've decided i'm gonna make a post here too about this to cover my bases, i'm sorry to ask Again but i don't know what else to do

my partner and i need to raise $1550 to pay to move our storage container from CO to TN, we Just moved so we don't have any funds to do so. the storage place that has our container can only keep it until september, and if we can't pay to move it by then, we may lose Everything we couldn't bring with us

i'm still looking for a job and have gone to several interviews, but still haven't been hired

i currently have discounted commissions open, info below

anything helps, and i appreciate everyone's help up with all our moving stuff

paypal: paypal.me/muttmusk

cashapp: $SCoyote

venmo: SCoyote

i appreciate the help i've gotten so far, we still need $1540 to pay for our storage container to be shipped to us

i'm sorry for asking again but i don't have a choice as no place will hire me, i'm still trying but with no luck

if we cannot pay to have this shipped to us, we will lose not only furniture i don't have the means to buy again, but also sentimental stuff like my husbands paintings and things from relatives who are no longer with us

commission info/donation links in top post

@mutual_aid @mutualaid


Hey everyone, thank you so much for your help so far!! we are now $1265 away from goal!!

I have until september to come up with the money to have our storage container shipped to us, for we can't pay then we lose everything we couldn't bring with us when we emergency moved

i'm still searching for a job, but i'm having no luck and at this point i'm pretty sure it's because of my gender

more info, donation links and commission info in top post

please help if you can

@mutual_aid @mutualaid

Hey everyone, I really REALLY appreciate all the help we've gotten so far with our storage container
I have basically a month now to come up with the rest of the money, which is currently $1265
I'm still trying to get a job, and to get commissions, but even if i got one Right Now i still wouldnt be able to afford to pay for this

If i dont pay for this, I lose Everything we couldn't bring with us during our emergency move to TN, which includes our bed and several sentimental items

I'm sorry to have to ask for so much from fedi but i dont have another choice, please help if you can

Commission info in top post

Paypal: paypal.me/muttmusk
Venmo: SCoyote

i really really don't mean to be a bother at all with my money ask posts, things have just been really hard for us ever since covid started and then suddenly got way worse when we found out "oh by the way you have a month to leave your apartment" and we had to move several states over to not become homeless

i'm trying so hard to find a job but even after several interviews, i've gotten nothing. i've emailed and called these places but still got ghosted

i'm trying to make money through art but the market for that has been slow too, i only got 2 commissions in all of July

i'm sorry i'm asking for so much, but i don't have like family to fall back on or anything like that. it's just me and my partner trying our best to get by

please help us if you can, i don't know what else to do

I'm not trying to be a bother but things are going south real quick and the amount of money we need may be increasing as we have to pay for a plumber a second time, pay enough to my husband's car loan company that they'll leave him alone, and still figure out how to pay this bill in september
without factoring in those other things, I currently need $1050 for our storage container
i'm sorry this keeps happening, it seems we draw chaos to us wherever we go and i'm still on the hunt for a job

please help us out if you can, we are just 2 queers trying our best

Paypal: paypal.me/muttmusk
Cashapp: $SCoyote
Venmo: SCoyote

@mutualaid @mutual_aid

hey everyone, i really appreciate your help with this big expense and your support through these chaotic times

my roommate is getting a plumber eventually and i will be updating this post when we know how much that'll cost

i don't want to be a bother with all this but i still don't have a job and commissions have been slow, we need $900 still to cover our storage container being shipped to us. i really don't want to lose it since it has a good amount of our things in it, including a bed and several sentimental items

we also need $60 to be able to get groceries this coming week

we are trying our best to not have to ask for so much in the future, but things have been pretty chaotic and confusing since the start of covid and we are still trying to get back on our feet

please help us if you can

paypal: paypal.me/muttmusk

cashapp: $SCoyote

venmo: SCoyote


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