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Hey there, my name's Killian!! I'm a white non-binary person in my mid 20's, I post here mostly about bullshit but also animals too i guess, mostly dogs and rats if we're being totally real.

Please DM me if you send me a follow request!! It doesn't have to be anything major, but at least introduce yourself. If i have requested to follow you first, you do not need to do this.

My pronouns are ze/hir/his, they/them is okay too. Examples of how to use these pronouns:

"ze told me ze really wants taco bell"

"i went to the store with hir"

Interaction is strongly encouraged but don't be a fucking dingus about it, and don't be horny at me

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⭐️Cool Rat Facts⭐️

-rats name their babies
-rats are ticklish and younger/baby rats like when you tickle them
-mother rats tickle and sing to their babies
-rats giggle when they are tickled
-you can teach rats to do tricks, and also litter box train them
-humans sense of taste is most identical to a rats
-rats want to hang out with you, they're curious about the world and also they want your attention

and most importantly:

❤️Rats love you❤️

"transitioning is the same as blackface"


no it is not, not even a little bit

hey guys

i don't get paid for another week, but we are running low on household supplies and could use a little help

we need about $40-$50 to pick up things like toilet paper, dish and laundry soap, etc


cashapp: $InstantPoodle

venmo: InstantPoodle

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest

a group of crows is called a murder, a group of parrots is called a 


ahh yes I see today's posting meta includes radiation, the consumption of radioactive material, and hellsite getting shut down due to goats unsafe experimental radiation machines

I can't help it. When I get to know an artist from the early 20th century, my first question is "were they a communist" and in my defense, the answer is "yes very" a lot of the time

We have moved beyond the need for posting. We are in a post post society.

i'm so happy today is my day off, im gonna sleep for the whole morning

It really would be funny if the UK completely collapsed. I'm sure there would be massive geopolitical fallout but at this point who gives a shit

I think if ur not depressed or at least a little bit severely mentally ill, you're missing out on a lot of really interesting and fun philosophy

any time i suffer a minor inconvenience i should be allowed to assassinate a politician or businessman

just saw someone in a baby pink buffalo plaid shirt and uh

where do i get that

is today my day off?? yes

am i still going to go to the place i work to show off how cute i look today and also get rat supplies?? also yes

Holding a seance for my nuts. "You killed us!" one says. "We are in hell!" squeals the other. I blush, flattered

🤚waiting 10 hours in line to see the queens casket
👉 waiting 10 hours in line to piss on the queens grave

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