yeah she’s a milf. marxist i’d like to fuck

why does the op look so much like ricky from trailer park boys?

getting my hair cut on saturday for the first time since like uhhh 2019 lol

how many partners do i need to collect before i can afford to be a housewife?

making beef stew for dinner who’s coming over?

don’t install tweety bird seat covers in your car unless you’re prepared to get out of your car at a stoplight and try to fight the person behind you for honking

i took a health survey for a free amazon gift card when i was 23 and every year i get an email to get me to take it again but it’s a young adult health survey and i’m 28 now pls leave me alone

our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name please let ellen ripley use a strap on me in jesus name we pray amen

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