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cuck swingers, their wives fuck each other and their boyfriends fuck each other

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cuck swingers, their wives fuck each other's boyfriends

The main sci-fi element of the series is interesting, hive-minds and no-longer-hive-minds. The main character also comes from a culture without gender, so everyone is gendered as she in the books, but that falls flat imo, I don't think it was handled well. It wasn't handled terribly, though, just not great.

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In Ancillary Justice the main character, Justice of Toren, is taken in by a planet of people who have taken body modification to such an extreme that some of them are just a bunch of legs, or have tons of extra arms or eyes, and that planet is just glossed over as "they were really nice to me" and then never mentioned again.

Honestly would have been more interesting to focus on them instead of some the other things focused on.

Lots of interesting concepts just kinda glossed over.

in ten years we're gonna have teenagers asking "what the hell is autumn?" because fall doesn't fucking exist anymore

There's a stop motion video about a cat with human hands and it's creepy as fuck


Now the question is, how many people know what this means

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I used to but no longer have a cum trough

I doubt I will ever have one again

I did not realize the topic of the hour was wiki feet, I literally just logged on


Which celebrity has the most impressive cum trough?

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pouring myself a bowl of rice or of the bag and filling the bowl with soy milk, enjoying the crunch as I read the morning newspaper (federated timeline)

Can anybody help me get a copy of "Meet the Press" from April 11, 1999?

If you have a library card for University of Washington that'll get you access, but there's other libraries that should have it too.

This will make it a lot easier than what I used to do, which is pin a Favorite Location and name it "car"

and then forgetting to remove it later and having like 3 car locations mapped πŸ˜…

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It took me like 5 minutes to figure it out, I kept trying to test it with 2:45 PM (a couple minutes in the future) which is 14.75 hours according to the plug in... it's easy enough to remember but limited to only 23 hours and 59 minutes lol

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Found a bad User Interface for user input in the wild today, folks

It tells you what you're inputting but that requires that I actually read the instructions :angry_laugh:

Cat ears but they are located exactly where human ears would go

When will there be a COVID-19 vaccine?

A dramatic increase in COVID-19 infection rates across the country has confirmed a grim reality: the United States is entering a new resurgence of the pandemic. This wave comes as the weather gets colder and flu season begins, a scenario public health experts have been dreading since the beginning of the crisis.

In this context, the search for a Coronavirus vaccine has become all the more urgent. Health professionals around the world are racing to develop one that is effective and safe.

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