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If you can join an existing group that is doing work in the community I recommend doing so, it is so much easier to be involved when you're not trying to do it alone.

Organization is essential to building power, and power is essential to making change.

I always say "PSL" instead of "the PSL" even though it makes more sense, grammatically, to say "The Party for Socialism and Liberation".

It feels weird to put "the" in front of an acronym.

The Cuban embassy is using graphics made by PSL to call for an end to the blockade, which is cool as hell.


They call him Halo because he wears a cock ring

The tankies can't take my toothbrush if I never use one! 😀

My phone won't let me take a screenshot of it but my budgeting app just gave me an ad titled "Can you afford to have a hot girl summer?"

Can you play Samurai Gunn 2 multi-player locally instead of online?

I love that the level design of Samurai Gunn 2 lends itself to a natural development of move sets and tactics

I played Otomo for the first time today and wow. Love that character! I almost won against Ghost but went into a death match and had no idea what I was doing and died

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