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PSL Statement: No War on Russia! Abolish NATO!

The Biden administration, Pentagon and NATO allies are conducting a dangerous and reckless campaign against Russia โ€” one that has the potential to turn into a catastrophe for the people of the United States, Russia, Ukraine and the world. The aim is to strengthen the U.S. position as the dominant world superpower, a thoroughly bipartisan goal. In recent months, Russia has been the object of intense media demonization designed to win over the U.S. public to support this campaign.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation condemns the anti-Russia campaign and calls for an end to the imperialist NATO alliance.

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I was listening to Swans albums I'd never listened to before and turns out I like very few of their songs, and many of those are ones that I have to be in a very particular mood to listen to. The Seer is a good song, once every 6 to 24 months.

Now I'm listening to the NIN discography.

Please help out my comrade Marlanna get on her feet after leaving an abusive relationship and being stalked!

Don't own me for playing Skyrim in 2022, it's easy to play and takes very little thinking which makes it perfect when I get out of work where I've been thinking all day and stuck in meetings.

It's not a good game, it's just fun to kill things and complete self selected goals.

My current goal is to collect and unlock all of the shouts, and I'm trying to collect all the shouts before I even bother with continuing the main quest line.

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I leveled up my illusion skill all the way and got the master level illusion spells and it's fun to sit in the middle of town and cast Mayhem, get a 5 gold fine for casting magic in town, and have every living creature begin attacking each other. It's best to do it at night when it's just guards outside tbh. And then because there's fighting more guards come, so you cast Mayhem again...

Honestly Mayhem is a bit OP, I can cast it when I enter a dungeon and all the lower level enemies will have killed each other, and the higher level ones will have taken significant damage (even though they aren't effected directly by the spell).


Won't post a selfie but will post that thrussy

(this is not an invitation to be sexual about my throat, thank you)

The inside of a human mouth 

I couldn't sleep last night so I took a bunch of photos of the inside of my mouth to see if I could figure out what's blocking my eustacian tubes from draining. Got some pictures of gunk (not pictured) but no dice.

I can't remember who posted about being able to do your taxes for free by going through the IRS directly but God damn, it was easier than TurboTax. The setup was a bit obnoxious because identity verification is always obnoxious but! It was free! The filing was easy!

And apparently you can look up your tax documents on the social security website, but I didn't check

What, do you think I'm gonna go Dark Side or something?!

Today I learned that Sweden, who the world looks to as a model of how Covid response should be done because their Covid rates have plummeted, no longer allows anyone who isn't hospitalized to get tested (in a way that is recorded).

And on top of that, doctors will literally tell you you're imagining things and to go home if you go in and your symptoms aren't immediately present.

Also, if we continue at our current rate then in 30 years the odds are that 100% of the population of the world will get Long Covid.

Something I want to do, but may have to wait until my next playthrough (it's the kind of game that prestiges with resets) is trading with the Leviathans, which requires massive sacrifices of unicorns and the building of a lot of unicorn sacrificing megastructures. Unfortunately, the amount of science and blueprints that have to be consumed to build these structures has gotten to a point where I can either do that or build space structures.

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My dry dick game of choice is Kittens Game

I have 36 engineer kittens that I have tasked producing as much steel, titanium-steel alloy, and eludium (an alloy of titanium-steel alloy and unobtanium, which is mined on Redmoon). I've got a bunch of unobtanium mines on the moon, and I almost have enough eludium to build an antimatter collector.

I finally got enough CO2 emissions to get serious penalties, so I had to switch to focusing on building nuclear reactors, solar farms, and hydroelectric dams (disabling my coal based energy production and reducing my mineral mining to an almost unsustainable level).

The more I move my industry into space the less pollution I have, but energy production is largely only possible on Cath, the home planet.

Biden Forced to Finally Lift Racist Trump Era Title 42 Border Closure

Bidenโ€™s move to end Title 42 is not driven by a sincere desire to alleviate the suffering of refugees but by cold political calculus. The White Houseโ€™s recent budget proposal calls for funding CPB and ICE to the tune of $15.3 billion and $8.1 billion respectively. These massive sums will increase the militarization of the U.S. border and criminalization of refugees trying to cross it. Showering CPB and ICE with more weapons, training, and personnel will not make the U.S. immigration policy more โ€œhumane.โ€ Instead, more refugees will be forced to avoid heavily policed border crossings by attempting perilous desert journeys and risk death from exposure or dehydration.

Capital Volume 3, Part 6 is about ground-rent under capitalism. I started reading this but I'm exhausted so I didn't get far before my eyes started to cross.

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Volume 2 of Capital is like 50% Marx talking about and expanding upon theories Adam Smith wrote about.

I haven't read any of it, but the table of contents is pretty illustrative lmao

What happens if we fail an audit?

If we fail you're fired. Don't ask me this.

I apologize, at $7.25 per hour (US Federal Minimum Wage) $100 is approximately TWO days wages, not one as I had stated.

Medical Profiteering needs to have the death penalty.

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