me, leaving the dick sucking factory at the end of my shift:

"See ya everybody, I'm off the cock!"

living in the country is pretty nice, but it's kind of annoying being surrounded by so many cocks every morning

wasn't sure if i was gonna post that but it's been sitting in the text box for an hour and I've been in this meeting for more than 1.5 hours so

Cumbey and Pokey

I used to agree with rtfm but now I'm more of a "check the manual if you're having problems, it might help, but also it's nice to have someone who knows what they're doing show you how to do stuff so you don't have to stumble through it getting frustrated"

because manuals are so bad. like even step by step instructions tend to suck, I've had to fucking solve furniture like a puzzle before because they skipped a step

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I'm glad I never hear "rtfm" anymore

  1. If the UI is so un-intuitive that I need a manual to import a file then you may have a bad UI.
  2. When I look up the manual it usually hasn't been updated in a decade and what I'm looking at is nothing like what is being described.

The UI looks like it ought to be easy to figure out, but nothing seems to work, so.

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hm. I used to use kmymoney and it was kinda hard to use but I liked the reporting features but you know what?

I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to import data and the docs are entirely wrong when describing the interface and I gave up

kmymoney sucks!

Thinking about becoming a Java programmer, anybody have any tips?

thinking about the guy who got killed by his pet dinosaur... dude had a casowary

I started reading The Metamorphosis and damn. That's rough.

Kafka awoke one morning to find that he had turned into a large FOSS app

My favorite hack is posting "IM GAY" on my bestie's Facebook page! xD

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Do you hack, ma'am?
I am a hacker, sir.
Do you hack, ma'am?
Is the law on my side if I say ay?
No, sir, I do not hack, sir, but I am a hacker, sir.

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Are you a cyber criminal? Because you keep stealing my bits

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