you see where i come from aWOOga is a greeting of the highest respect

I don't remember the YGO GX theme song, but I remember a YTP version, does that count?

Cuba voted to legalize same-sex marriage and watching libs on twitter have their brains leak out of their ears as they try to reconcile voting and "but it's a dictatorship...!??!?" is extremely funny to me. Congrats to all my folks in Cuba :affection:

tactically edging during my chess match, releasing pheromones that intimidate my beta rival, throwing them off their game

I came in second in the monads chess tournament because I was actually floating in a tank of holy water while I played my matches

magnus carlsen throwing a fit worthy of a speed duel player

independent of whether niemann was using some james bond ass gadget to cheat carlsen is acting like such a cuck about it lmao

Made an account on monads and then I freaked it

picture of me in my room with headphones 

doin an internet movie date

Im gonna take horse fucker thicc to burger king and just stare at xer menacingly the entire time

I feel like liberalism and fascism kind of exist in a phoenix life cycle where every now and again liberalism just needs to do some things to maintain itself that are so overtly horrific that there's no way for a liberal government to actually pull the trigger on it for fear of open revolution, which is when fascism steps in for a brief while (in the grand scheme) to do the things that liberals want to do but can't be seen actually doing, at which point liberalism is reborn from the ashes. Just look at spain for an example of this exact thing happening.

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I was called out and subtooted and sent link to stasi subculture monitoring criteria for posting this in the sight of a few years ago. anyway,

a spectre is haunting the internet. the spectre of gandalf big naturals

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