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me, sobbing: you can't just say that every flammable thing has phlogiston in it

j j becher, pointing at a piece of wood: phlogiston

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i want ellen to ask me about my fursona right before i ask her about her weird friendship with george bush

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mention of theoretical murder 

a late contender for this week's 'true crime was a mistake' award

found my mousepad

my favorite van gogh piece

cw - bones, skull, cigarette

how many landlords does it take to screw in a lightbulb 

nobody knows because it's never happened

when people report monads users for whatever pedantic nonsense

fun fact: every time you report a post for being too tankie, two more grow in its place

:bing:​ what type of pokemon are landlords weak against

the only reason I want to play more kingdom hearts is to find out what's the deal with axel. I don't give any shits about sora

Me: my filters have made my online experience much more enjoyable
Also me, seeing a filtered post: what if I'm missing out

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