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me, sobbing: you can't just say that every flammable thing has phlogiston in it

j j becher, pointing at a piece of wood: phlogiston

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i always wonder, people who want to upload their consciousness to online, have they been online?

you have to defeat the allegory to talk to plato. he's still down there, waiting to be rescued

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type of guy who thinks an allegory is a mythical cave dwelling creature

Pulling in at the tail end of bandcamp friday, here's a dreamy piece of dub techno. Enjoy!!

so my mum got a reflective coat, and then my sib found fullbody reflective dog coats too

so now we have glowy space dogs

blades in the dark update: just invented an icy hot bomb, a bomb that first quick freezes an area, and then burns it

if one more person asks me how i have so many hours in samurai gunn 2 i am going to scream

why dont ppl just take their cosmic horror and just remove lovecraft entirely. like dont credit him at all.

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