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me, sobbing: you can't just say that every flammable thing has phlogiston in it

j j becher, pointing at a piece of wood: phlogiston

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wasn't going to post it anywhere so I might as well post it

something I made while goofing around on krita months ago

the english parliament has a lot of weird shit going on, but i do think we should have more elected officials with the word shadow in their title

My favorite conspiracy theory is that Tupac really did fake his own death and planned to come back after seven years but either died during that time or just decided not to come back

dragonball spinoff where zamasu gets pulled into a video game 

zamasu is a kai

Sometimes the guy that’s hardest to find is ourselves

something i think about when watching Silence of the Lambs is, did Buffalo Bill build that prisoner well in his basement? or did he hire contractors to do it (more likely)? and if so, were those contractors not like, "what is this for? it's gotta be for kidnapping people, right?"

even after my years of extravagant, sinful shitting, my toilet always looks pristine and new, though i have never so much as picked up a toilet brush. my society friends shake their heads in wonder, but when they ask me my secret i simply shake my head with a mysterious smile. meanwhile, an oil painting of a disgusting fucked up old toilet gathers dust in my attic, a fresh spray of diarrhoea materialising across the canvas each morning

how much tingle could chuck tingle tingle if chuck tingle could make maps readable by saying kooloo-limpah

(slaps roof of car) l'automobile n'est pas une pipe

the fantasy part of the final fantasy 14 is that all the clothes fit you

someone said "cyberfunk" by accident and now i need it to be real please

tired: what does your oc do in their free time?
wired: how would George Costanza break up with your oc

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