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Rejoice! It's the manga recs thread! 

So for those of you who don't know, back when I was on gc.c I ended up making a massive long manga recs thread, since, y'know, someone gave me the idea that it'd be a good idea.

That time I tried to put all the trans and genderfeels-y manga at the top since people were more interested in a list of them but,,, that did't go well... And since more would constantly be added to the bottom anyway, I'll just not do that.

In any case, this is basically a thread of most of the manga currently on the faviourates section of the app I use to read the stuff with a short synopsis, ordered generally based on when I last opened a chapter. It will be long, but at least I've got twice as many characters per toot this time.

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Henlo I have migrated from my gc.c account for cu- I mean, because even though gc.c was really comfy, I still felt like I should explore other parts of the fediverse. I filled out my profile to cover mist of the introduction-y stuff so I'm not sure what else to say... Please treat me well!

reminder i frequently post selfies under a 'nsfw' tag. the preview blurs are purple due to the mood lighting i use. you're very welcome to click on them

Inglorious Basterds is a movie about committing war crimes, but in a cool way

mutuals with LeftLibertarianLoli and Antiauthoritarian_Gamer

every person who logs on here to whine about tankies seems to deeply fucked up in some specific way i cant put into a single adjective and i think that's fantastic

How do I know I'm a Real Leftist? Well, if you have ever taken the political compass test,

kicking open the wooden door to the local witch's thatched hut, and pushing her aside to gaze into an eerie cauldron like "step aside, crone! reveal the bad post to me! i must see it and be sickened!"

the e in egirl stands for EXTREME!!! *does a kickflip*

israel/palestine conflict 

so one thing the Israelis like to do to claim to be "humane" is roof knocking before smart bombing. A small missile hits a building planned for a smart bombing so Palestinians have time to flee, then a big bomb demolishes it

its because foreign media is swayed by death counts so the Israelis need to suppress the death while still accomplishing ethnic cleansing

its not block evading if i never heard of you you or your shitty one user instance.

y'all I need you to consider the depths to which we've sunk that I'm making this post

be nice to mika

Komi-san is getting an anime. Here's everything you need to know about it: refuses to let me in just because I may or may not be, in their words, "a real bougie piece of" something I'm not going to dignify by mentioning here, you get the picture. Somehow, some way, I just know that even though he's not involved at all, this is Flowless' fault. Now how do I CW instance meta, let's see here... I don't know how this gizmo works

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