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Rejoice! It's the manga recs thread! 

So for those of you who don't know, back when I was on gc.c I ended up making a massive long manga recs thread, since, y'know, someone gave me the idea that it'd be a good idea.

That time I tried to put all the trans and genderfeels-y manga at the top since people were more interested in a list of them but,,, that did't go well... And since more would constantly be added to the bottom anyway, I'll just not do that.

In any case, this is basically a thread of most of the manga currently on the faviourates section of the app I use to read the stuff with a short synopsis, ordered generally based on when I last opened a chapter. It will be long, but at least I've got twice as many characters per toot this time.

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Henlo I have migrated from my gc.c account for cu- I mean, because even though gc.c was really comfy, I still felt like I should explore other parts of the fediverse. I filled out my profile to cover mist of the introduction-y stuff so I'm not sure what else to say... Please treat me well!

downplaying the queerness of a social media platform, non-homophobically

i love being trans and generally queer with all my friends on this social media site

eugen ill sponsor your fossbro repository if you give me your mom's phone number and a copy of mario kart

it's not a big deal to offhandedly dismiss the comments of completely random people, cause 95% of people's problems with masto that they're Very Angry about are total bullshit (remember the "release the blocklist" person?). with that in mind, it's not really the tone of eugen's recent responses that bugs me. it's that he doesn't seem to give a shit about figuring out who he should listen to. he doesn't know who the admins of instances on our side of the fedi are and he clearly doesn't care to. he seems to act like getting useless and hostile feedback from tons of randoms gives him license to dismiss all feedback that he doesn't like no matter where it comes from.

markdown was a big deal because it was a small thing that would be easy to implement that tons of people wanted, but he refused to add because it would fuck with His Vision

oigen man, if you seek a good faith argument, please come into my office, in this basement, where i keep my wine

they should let me moderate dot social

i demand eugen recant his recent derogatory and discriminatory statements re: thicc horsefuckers

to be fair, website boy started his website exactly like every other:

building a foundation of queer and trans users to trample on and disenfranchise the moment his platform gets too big for it be "respectable"

imagine dismissing Rhys' concerns because you think they have a silly name


Yours In Father's Faith dot Let's Intensely Fuck, Everyone!

this one time someone from the instance said "its not what you think" regarding the name of the instance and im just like... did i misunderstand what the word yiff means or?

perhaps they meant it like how has 95% flat dick content and maybe like 3% philosophy and math posts

Show thread is a Christian website, it stands for yours in faith, forever, actually


oh good lord on the page for communism, in the section "why communists suck" there is a paragraph with the heading "tactical homophobia."

now i am gonna spend the rest of the day imagining homophobia but with a bunch of little pouches and pockets and scopes and lights mounted onto it.

i love it when the police make me safe by deterring violence. i also love it when drinking antifreeze makes me healthy by deterring poisoning

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