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Rejoice! It's the manga recs thread! 

So for those of you who don't know, back when I was on gc.c I ended up making a massive long manga recs thread, since, y'know, someone gave me the idea that it'd be a good idea.

That time I tried to put all the trans and genderfeels-y manga at the top since people were more interested in a list of them but,,, that did't go well... And since more would constantly be added to the bottom anyway, I'll just not do that.

In any case, this is basically a thread of most of the manga currently on the faviourates section of the app I use to read the stuff with a short synopsis, ordered generally based on when I last opened a chapter. It will be long, but at least I've got twice as many characters per toot this time.

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Henlo I have migrated from my gc.c account for cu- I mean, because even though gc.c was really comfy, I still felt like I should explore other parts of the fediverse. I filled out my profile to cover mist of the introduction-y stuff so I'm not sure what else to say... Please treat me well!

people cannot be normal about mika theyre either like "HES A YANDERE, RUTHLESS KILLER WHO DOESNT CARE ABOUT HUMAN LIFE" or theyre like ";;;;w;;;; mika smol... sof bean........ little baby......."

I am a rather large bean, actually, in addition to several other things. I am not "just" any of these.

In this world only three things are certain: death, taxes, and Elon Musk's rockets exploding

Don't forget that ICE is a genocidal agency.

On top of all of their other abuses, in 2020 ICE threatened to use Covid-19 as a biological weapon against asylum seekers in Louisiana¹, regularly exposed people detained in California to highly toxic cleaning chemicals, and performed forced hysterectomies in Georgia.



Remember when ICE had doctors carving out their captive's reproductive organs without consent? remember how that barely happened last year? remember that?

@geesehoward Nuremberg Trials, but for ICE. Only the ICE agents who escape the communists make it to trial.

i am personally not for abolishing ICE. I actually want them maimed and killed and nothing less.

you will catch me hunting them down 30 years from now and getting them one by one in their homes probably

imo ideas like "I hate the minimalist logo trend" or "I hate flat corporate illustrations" happen because people are rightfully frustrated by the homogeneity that capitalism imposes on art, but understandably lack the vocabulary to really articulate that idea

it's really funny that all the rhetoric around job creators vanished once unemployment hit record highs

I'm pissed about vaccine prioritization because my county said essential workers would be in the same tier as cops and then said nope, cops first. That was two months ago and essential workers still don't qualify


hope this helps

christian theonomy is antisemitic. it's incredibly offensive to pretend like you're "adopting the literal law of the old testament" and then completely ignore all the millennia of theological examination and interpretation of the text by Jewish people in favor of reading it on your own completely sans context and conveniently finding out it supports your worldview of global capitalist subjugation.

why would you make antisemitic jokes about ancient hebrew law when you could instead make jokes about jesus sucking your dick but being so bad at it you couldn't even get off

*the scooby gang has tied up a man labeled "american secular moral ideologies"*

alright gang it's time to see who's really behind this!

*they take off the mask*

john calvin??

Shout out to communists and socialists from India ❤️

under communism, keeping up with the kardashians will continue airing. it will explore their day to day lives and silly adventures in the gulag

mother i'd like to fuck
mother i wouldn't like to fuck
mother i'd like to fuck and wouldn't like to fuck
mother i'd neither like to fuck nor not like to fuck

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