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Before sending me a follow request, think to yourself will they respond to this follow request by asking "who the fuck is this?" Because if I do ask myself that, I will not be accepting your request

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Henlo I have migrated from my gc.c account for cu- I mean, because even though gc.c was really comfy, I still felt like I should explore other parts of the fediverse. I filled out my profile to cover mist of the introduction-y stuff so I'm not sure what else to say... Please treat me well!

I am continuing to accumulate more data relating to my thesis of "every person with an EU flag in their display name/bio is a bad person"

so far remains accurate in 100% of cases, with hundreds of data points so far

i got fired from my job because i was made obsolete by the cox-zucker machine

you know who was part of the real easter rising? Jesus

remember: if you see the maid entity past 4 am do not engage, she is no longer shackled to human morality and will attack at will, usually with confusing questions about niche videogame opinions and headache inducing tangents

currently the ways to heal hearing damage is: try not to get hearing damage

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Actually the organisation paying me may see this as an oppertunity to recurit some grateful homeless people, which may be for better or worse depending on what they end up doing

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Using comapny funds to buy enough pizza, drinks, and garlic bread for the whole office every Friday to make it look like we're having a pizza party, but actually distribute most of it to the unhoused folk around the city

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hmm learning that you may want to avoid sig sauer (refused to recall its p320 handgun after numerous reports of it firing on its own until facing a $10 million lawsuit). adding that to the list of brands to avoid alongside taurus

I'd make an SAO referance about the minigun guy from the start of the Phantom Bullet arc, but I know y'all are to cultured to get it

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I got two tits, one dick, and an M107A1 hidden in here, but you'd never tell by looking

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Concealed carry is a lot easier if you wear a massive and suspicious cloak

the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy shooting himself in the dick

my childhood was so messed up i still remember shit my mom has said like the awful transphobic shit and "racism doesnt really exist anymore they got rid of it in the 50's"

No no no you can't adress America's bloody past, those are load-bearing genocides, the whole thing'll come down!

*nationalist politician voice* mastodon for the cringelords

i concealed carry my .480 ruger super blackhawk in the front of my trousers. attackers will either reason i pack (gun style) or think i pack (big dong style); in either case being intimidated from attacking me

concealed carry is fine for trans women who want gcs. what are we gonna do, shoot our dicks off? oh noooooo

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