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Henlo I have migrated from my gc.c account for cu- I mean, because even though gc.c was really comfy, I still felt like I should explore other parts of the fediverse. I filled out my profile to cover mist of the introduction-y stuff so I'm not sure what else to say... Please treat me well!

cancel culture is trying to take away the horny m&m.

tapped on an app by accident and opened it without realizing which app it was

"wtf is this and why is it making among us references at me"

the app was: among us


✅ ahistorical lack of analysis
✅ textbook idealism
✅ horseshoe theory

library enthusiast: "gosh the thought of someone damaging a book causes my physical pain"

librarian: "ah, another 250 shakespeares for the furnace"

Yuo actually don't have to clean your phone as long as you pee on it now and tben. Completely sterile

christians: we must repent for we are all born with original sin
jews: isn't it fucking enough that childbirth can kill you and there's no free food

you: betting big on metaverse
me: betting big on omegaverse

we are not the same

remember when the author of altered carbon made an account here on .social after being banned from twitter for being transphobic and he wrote an entire post about switching over on his blog and how he could voice his opinions freely now, but by the time his blog was updated his account was already banned?

this has nothing to do with the "supply chain crisis," this is deregulation designed to undermine unions and suppress wages. industry lobbyists have been pushing for shit like this since forever, the "supply chain crisis" is just a convenient excuse

I don't even know how you can argue with a straight face that a lack of truckers is causing issues for the supply chain. Idk I think maybe it might have to do with factories slowing down or something due to a global pandemic.

there's just not enough hours in the day / spending 10/16 hours of my day preparing for and going to work just doesn't really leave much time

you, a fool: it's impossible to say what parts of the bible are meant to be taken literally and which allegorically

me, smoking cigars and pumping iron: *identifies distinct peshat, remez, derash and sod readings for difficult passages*

did you know there's people who think a 2024 bernie campaign is humanitys best hope lol. fourth times the charm!

joss whedon: I was the nicest show runner. I was too nice in fact, my tragic flaw was how nice I am.
his writers : bruh

Smallest population growth in America in over 100 years. I'm sure this bodes well for social reproduction and what impact labor participation whatsoever

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