white people are always so keenly looking to dismantle rap as a genre, that all it takes is one artist within any of the multiplicities of subgenre or the like they consider cringe and suddenly 'rap is over lol'

this was particularly evident back in the day with lil wayne

notice how macklemore, who sounded like someone's rich frat bro trying to talk his way out of a DUI charge, wasn't considered by these people to be the harbinger of rap's demise. i wonder why


one of the reasons white music nerds fear rap so much is because it's music they can't control, it's music that is overwhelmingly made without them in mind, and it's music they know they can't give a shitty blanket opinion on without exposing themselves as thumb twiddling little radiohead fanboys who are one positive antony fantano review away from buying baby shark on vinyl

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