im very happy there are people who get to medically transition in their teens, but if you are one of those people and you put older trans people down for having the effects of going through The Bad Puberty, i will simply treat you as i would any transphobe


i keep seeing videos and captions for pictures online that set up the premise "all trans women are so masculine", and then ooo, picture reveal, it's a, what, 17-20 year old who's going through a single puberty or thereabouts, and they have the fucking balls to be like "change your mind" lmao

re: transphobia 

my main annoyance is that they're agreeing with the straw man they've presented at the start.

they're throwing older, even just slightly older trans people under the bus, not to mention the people their own age who can't transition or might not even realise they want to until down the line

re: transphobia 

@kass that’s disgusting wtf, it defs makes sense to be annoyed at that

transphobia, The Bad Puberty (great term for it tbh) 

@kass this!! the self-esteem of trans folks who reached their transition goals should not be at the expense of those who didn't, and pitting them against each other is damaging to both in the long term

the response to "all trans women are so masculine" should be "and who gives a fuck, they're still women" imho

transphobia, The Bad Puberty (great term for it tbh) 

@kass (i mean obviously *they* may give a fuck, but it is not my place to give any fucks except for those fucks that they wish me to give)

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