dont do this to me or i will assume it's cold outside and you want to protect the sperm in you

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i read a zine yesterday about how to have sex with trans girls. it's received a lot of praise but it feels like a bit because it's mostly about putting your hand where the balls hide when it's cold

i feel like there are people here who'd be angry if i said a mean thing about bruce springstein and horses respectively

feet are not horny but having feet is horny and that's on you

"i just whanna saiy, i aint trynna be yiour new graaaandpappee, GUHUH"

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what if you went to visit your grandma one day and she was all fine and everything but like in the kitchen goofy is just standing there in the middle of making a cup of tea and she's like "this is goofy, a very special friend of mine hehehehe"

when goofy needs a shit but has to hold it in his body makes tiny 'grwsh' sounds. it doesn't have to be like this

duke nukem voice: oooooooo who's the big silly boy now???

i dont really know anything but i seem to be surrounded by and appreciated by people on here who really do

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it feels kinda cool to come out with my weird brain stuff and have it appreciated, like what happens here

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i think one of the best things about being neurodivergent is that i'm liked by neurotypical people who really really really think about shit and are super interesting

catrin came to wake me up and see if i wanted to hangout in her room, and within minutes of me becoming fully awake and getting to her room she fell asleep, so i am now very awake at 2am

my current mood is my profile picture, which is very laughing through the tears

it comes off the screen in waves and makes my head feel like static

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i know it sounds obvious, but ive only ever seen hatred in places like that. just so much hatred and never anything else

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just spent a handful of minutes looking at a site im not going to mention the name of, a big one that's mean about trans people and autistic people too. i'd never been there, saw a link relating to someone i was researching the work of, and yeah. i think that's probably ruined my day at 9am

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it's cool that i dont have 'always fucked up' as part of my personality anymore, but im not such a fan of this 'used to always be fucked up' me either

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