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i did it. i made one of these. please dont be too mean to me thanks

my mum just texted me for the first time in years to tell me "flow less" is going to give her the vaccine and then "inoculate her up", so

i mean, it's not like i didn't know that happened, i just had it in my head it was somehow different

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i started looking at misgendering totally differently when i became aware cis women who look masculine can get misgendered too

me: im in mi'lord's cart

mi'lord: get out mi cart

me: no

game mode where you can help Lady Dimitrescu

the guy at the bike place was bad, but like, in a way i think cis people understand too. he checked the thing i was getting and said "just seeing if this is for the wife, sir" as in, 'checking if this is for a ladies bike and not the massive man bike you obvious have, mi'lord'

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i've been out since the morning, and have been perceived by many people, but these few instances are the only ones i give a single shit about

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i get years added to my life every time an older butch lady gives me a knowing look of support

Very dysphoric today for no real reason other than it鈥檚 sunny 馃槑 why is this

I don鈥檛 like it when people on dating sites ask me how long I鈥檝e been in the uk and whether I鈥檓 here for a holiday

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ME: eating pasta with my hands

THE SUPERNANNY: This behaviour is unacceptabule. Lets go have sex

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trying to woo someone by singing "you are now dating meeeee" to a karaoke backing track of 'walking in the air'

like, they're saying the school will be INVESTIGATED if they don't do the daily worship ffs

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wales has to detach from this shit asap please please please

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and you just know the specific brand of christianity they'll be using is going to be some shit out of the 50s

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looks like the uk is going to bring back daily compulsory church of england worship in schools.

anyone else remember what that was like when it was the case last time? awful for children with any other religion or no religion at all, also shitty for almost all of the kids raised christian.

all round violent shit

got lots of boyfriends, you could say i, collect twinkets

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