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white trans women really log onto this website and publish a callout post for Bangladesh

the only 'hackers' i respect are the russians who got me my cracked copy of heroes of might and magic 3 back in 2008

my "not affiliated with federal law enforcement" t-shirt is getting a lot of questions already answered by my shirt

though when i made the posts i was thinking about how people use cutesy non-threatening behavior to eventually plunge a knife in your back and not "willfully bragged about committing a federal crime and then kept posting about it as if it's not suspicious that she's posting about it and not being in jail"

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my posts from a few weeks ago about fediverse uwu nya nya cutesy computer touchers was absolutely referring to people like the federal asset we're currently discussing

hey! i'm a tranarchist catgirl and hacktivist who likes haskell, flirting with cute girls, and being the subject of federal investigation :blobcatflower:​ anyone want to become my known associate #introductions

oh hell yeah oshi no ko is getting an official localization. that manga is fucked up

why would you brag about being indicted by the doj lmaooooo

this is in response to my pinned post about getting banned from xiv for anti French racism lol

is today the day that i can finally have time to play monster hunter with my friends

i finally have some time to put on GDQ and it's pokemon runs. massive L

tumblr is like hey you liked this drawing of kal'tsit's ass. do you want to see it every day? which, to be fair, yes i do, but

getting this sort of visual bug on a horror vn weirds me out lmao

i don't even particularly care about the sprites or the voice acting. i just think the backgrounds that are just photographs that have been photoshop filtered to shit are hideous

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oh good 07th mod is going to be making a voice patch for higurashi no naku koro ni hou rei. not that i'll get that far anytime soon, but it's nice to see

oh i constantly forget about kindred spirits on the roof but that one straddles the border of "games i would want my irl non-queer friends to see me playing on steam" because damn those girls have some fun in that one. and the ghosts get to watch

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there are a lot of taxonomical discussions about whether games like 999: nine hours, nine persons, nine doors or ai: the somnium files (basically anything spike chunsoft does) count as "visual novels" but if we are counting them then i rescind my previous statement about not having read any good visual novels. because 999 fuckin slaps (and so does the somnium files)

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