the mastodon experience circa february 2021 is like if every other day someone could come into your house uninvited and start pissing on your couch, causing everyone around you to either go "damn that's wild that he's pissing on your couch. that sucks dude" and/or "actually i think it's very cool and good that he's pissing on your couch also you deserve it"

the twitter experience is that (except it happens only if you say something vaguely political or you talk shit about a children's cartoon) but also people will constantly send you pictures of someone pissing on your couch with a funny dunk caption attached to it

what im saying is that people shouldn't be able to come into your house uninvited even if they aren't intending to piss on your couch


kara's protips to having an unpissed couch

  1. trust your instincts when vetting follow requests bc if you get a bad vibe from someone that shit isn't worth it
  2. have an anime avatar. people will automatically assume you aren't worth talking to
  3. be white and never speak to anyone

part 2 and 3 are interchangeable because i'm like 99% sure that people on here assume that everyone with an anime avatar is white


a good way to blend in then?

reminds me of the story that some non-white devs got less harassment using their furry avatar than using their pics

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