larian studios looked up the most selected character creation options in baldur's gate 3 and it yielded such a bog-standard white human male that they thought their analytics were broken. i'm laughing my ass off right now

@kara gamers fucking love playing as human male warrior because they have no imaginations

@georgespolitzer @kara Yet they keep rambling about "escapism" and how "politics" ruins it.

@kara White gamers find it absolutely irresistible to recreate themselves in the game as if it's a mirror, when they think nobody's looking

@Colophonscrawl @kara my ffxiv character was initially Generic McHyur. that lasted like... 20 levels in before i switched to hot twink catboy lmao

@Colophonscrawl @kara there's probably also some degree of clustering involved

in a world where everyone went completely off the rails for a random six of the couple dozen options, but left the rest as (insert preferred euphemism for generic white bread here) the most common by averages is still going to be the generic white bread

also if they had ANY default options in there that's gonna genetic fallacy the whole thing up real bad

@bryceyoungquist @Colophonscrawl oh, yeah, probably. i haven't gone into the character creator enough to really tell how randomized its defaults are, but of the times i've done it i don't remember it giving me a generic white dude

@kara @Colophonscrawl and to be clear I have absolutely no doubt gamer creativity sucks shit, but I'll bet that the rng for opening character options has a few limiters on it

You rarely want your character creator to go full Monster Factory out of the gate

@bryceyoungquist @Colophonscrawl oh baldur's gate 3's character creator doesn't have sliders, so the characters tend to look fairly normal. i think it also doesn't apply tattoos right away as well

@kara @bryceyoungquist @Colophonscrawl I think in this game humans are black by default and usually women so you have to go out of your way a little bit to make a white dude

@kara was there any averaging or was it literally just "for each possible feature we counted the number of instances of every possible option and selected the one with the highest count"?

@carcinopithecus as far as i can tell, they just picked the most common options

@kara I know doing analytics like that is flawed, but I'm still here for dunking on gamers

@kara I just posted this to someone else so I might as well copypaste it:

A friend pointed out that this is the result of averaging the data:

Players typically start by making themselves, followed by oddball weird or interesting characters.

This means that on average the bland boring features would be used the most while the unique features would have a more unique spread.

So the problem here isnt the players as much as the people reading the data. :blobthinking:

@kara I wonder how much of it is like "oh there's like no customization options right now so I'm going to do something bland and basic with the intention of doing something cooler when it's out of EA

@kara I'm probably just giving players the unearned benefit of the doubt tho lol

@heartles yeah idk the first thing i did when i started it up was make an elf and then a cute demon girl soooo

@kara It's really interesting to look at the cross-section of people who predominantly or exlusively play non-human characters in sci-fi or fantasy games and see how that overlaps with queer people

The venn diagram isn't quite just a single circle, but it's pretty close

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