i'm starting to think that people's understanding of "social construct" begins and ends with "it's not real," thus missing the "but people believe in it, which actually makes it real" part

@kara yeah it's like, names are a social construct, that doesn't mean i'm going to start referring to people by UUIDs

@hierarchon whaaat but there's nothing that could have happened in history that might make referring to people as numbers problematic!

@syntacticsugarglider @cadence @hierarchon Thats the brilliant part here, we can all pick our own, and STILL not have duplicates. No one will need any kind of gov id number, just go by your first name worldwide!

@kara Again, I'm sorry. I thought we were talking in metric. Sheesh.

@kara Just give it a few hours and it that joke might make sense.

Or it won't. I'm really hit and miss.

@kara I like explaining the term as "it only has meaning because we give it meaning" specifically to avoid this.

@kara people really miss the point that the observation “it’s a social construct” is to point out that we can, as a society, change it. There is nothing essential to it that prevents this.

@kara the one part that's most important to me is when some people who are living the agreed upon paradigm reinforce it

and I look to these other people and we are shrugging, acting as if "wtf are these people even on this dominant paradigm makes no sense"

and we see each other even if we are different in non paradigm lens

@kara "it's a social construct, like 'money'" gives people the idea. Especially if you then go on to say "If you don't think it's real, I can take yours".

@kara I go with "People made it up, so it's not a law of nature, so it can be changed, but that's hard to do because a lot of people's minds need to be changed".

@kara exactly lol, social constructs exist, if they didn't they'd be social... unconstructs?

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