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hi there i'm kara. i'm gay as heck and i'm new here from cybre space

i like doing math; currently in grad school. i got a bs in math and sexuality, gender and queer studies last year but i tend to not talk about either on line for wildly different reasons. i teach too, it's fun

when i'm not doing that nonsense i'm usually playing viddy games or reading. i also stream on twitch (link in the profile i don't wanna self promo here), usually jrpgs and magic the gathering

i want to see what they're announcing for granblue but they've just been playing fun party games with the voice actors and i'm so tired

this looks like a shitpost but the director of granblue's instructions to the designer of the tsuchinoko summon was "give me a real tsuchinoko"

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they just announced that tsuchinoko real. thank you cygames!

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alright i'm untethering my soul from my body (as i am wont to do twice a year)so i can watch a gacha game stream in a language i don't understand

scooby doo is an anime. shaggy is a shounen protagonist. i will not elaborate on this.

never mind the boss fight was sick so i didn't mind doing it again lol

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ok the crashes in persona 5 strikers is starting to piss me off

literally every ten minutes these persona 5 kids are going to a hot spring and i'm losing my goddamn mind. why don't we have hot springs here dammit

i say fuck at least ten times a day but when a video game character says it once in a game for teenagers i'm like :OOOO

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they let ryuji say fuck and i'm just like :O

i know that there's that deep rock event that ends pretty soon, and i won't have too much time to play games with people given that my exams are coming up, but also i want to play more persona 5 strikers

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brain is currently locked in a war between "be social! :)" and "play video games by yourself covered in blankets forever"

granblue fantasy 7th anniversary stream tonight let's fucking gooooo

i'm watching superman and lois right now and at the beginning it had a short that was like "real heroes wear masks" with surgical masks edited onto the faces of all of their tv superheroes. really goddamn funny

i've never been reported because i'm perfect and everyone loves me

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stem people talk a lot of shit for a group who spend the majority of their waking life trying to make a computer output a series of numbers and crying when it doesn't

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i'm burnt out as heckie and i don't want to do any work so you know what that means!!! SATURDAY CHILLIN BABEY

this guy really did just get outplayed by me once and then went "yeah okay i am Mad About It now"

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i'm getting stalled out by a person playing monoblue flash, just proving that everyone who plays monoblue flash are whiny babies

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