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hi there i'm kara. i'm gay as heck and i'm new here from cybre space

i like doing math; currently in grad school. i got a bs in math and sexuality, gender and queer studies last year but i tend to not talk about either on line for wildly different reasons. i teach too, it's fun

when i'm not doing that nonsense i'm usually playing viddy games or reading. i also stream on twitch (link in the profile i don't wanna self promo here), usually jrpgs and magic the gathering

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i don't mean to be political or anything, but puyo puyo tetris is a fighting game

final fantasy xiv really is out here striving to be the ultimate final fantasy game by confirming that it's a sequel to final fantasy i

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my official stance on tankies vs anarkiddies is basically that its just the reduction of complex ideologies and real world political relations to a meme and i dont give a shit

i took queer studies in undergrad and literally half of my classes assigned at least one essay from that book

hell, i've assigned readings from that book to my own students

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i don't know who needs to hear this right now but if you haven't read *sister outsider* by audre lorde you're missing out

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marxism-leninism-warrior of lightism

i'm not a tankie, but i support the tankie lifestyle *i drop a folder containing countless report forms complaining about tankies* oh god oh fuck oh no

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@cyberbunbun i asked the experts and they said cake is definitely bread!!

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does anyone know who the admin of is and can you tell them to tell whoever the fuck on their instance keeps reporting my users with the word "tankie" for completely normal leftist politics posts to stop wasting my time

when you want to write a cooler version of the iliad

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re: uspol 

yeah, voting in this specific election does suck from both a moral and ethical standpoint, but the alternative basically guarantees the death of hundreds of thousands and the complete collapse of what remaining social services we have on a federal level, so i'm gonna suck it up for one day

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as shitty as it is, i think kamala harris is probably the best vp pick for biden (y'know, that's not someone with an actual ethical code). just gotta remember that the it's less about who's in the white house and more about who's going to be heading the various executive branch departments

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