Imagine advertising your conference as "Useless Socialism"

@kiosk who knows

defending China is equally bad I guess?

I mean, this is probably CIA funded or people so brainwashed as to make no difference

@josephbenton I love doing socialism without addressing like, the biggest issue

@josephbenton i just wanna bring to everyone's attention that while the whole thing seems to be in english, it says "anti-imperialistas" rather than "anti-imperialists"

@josephbenton honestly, feeling like you have to say "no anti-imperialists" is probably a propaganda win for the tankies, because for the longest time that was just the unspoken status quo lol

@josephbenton let's get a head count going for who's interested in going dressed as their copsona to Snitchcon

@josephbenton ah, July 4 & using Spanish words as examples of what you're against. Ok then.

@josephbenton I attended was a really good talk from a Chavista from Venezuela at this one.

@josephbenton it's funny how many people don't realize it's a shop. Like the conference was 90% Trotskyists getting on stage and reading Marx until ISO dissolved.

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