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(a conversation last night reminded me I had written this. it's not complete and still rough but here it is anyway)

How should we talk about Stalin? Here I am not interested in debating the supposed facts and figures of the Victims of Communism and their ilk; my criticism is more fundamental. Their argument, fundamentally, is to place the Soviet Union, and Joseph Stalin in particular, in to the same condemned historical category as Hitler and his Nazi Regime. However, to accomplish this goal one would need to demonstrate that the actions of Stalin and other Soviet leaders are as heinous as the Holocaust and beyond the pale in comparison to the rest of the world at the time.

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"No one's standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change," Biden said.

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I'm working through "The Savage Constitution" that was referenced in the latest Red Nation Podcast episode and so far it is very good/informative:

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Here is my summary of Lenin's Imperialism. It consists of a short summary followed by a chapter by chapter overview of the whole piece. (repost from radtown)

Rocos Basilisk cannot touch me, in every version of the simulation my ass just gets fatter, the ai cannot explain why, it is screaming

"oh you want to maximize happiness? well what if there was a monster who got happy from doing murders, do you want murders? don't think so"

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Schrodinger's man, my perceived gender changes depending on how moral you think i am

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nothing makes me quite as dysphoric than when people r like "men will never know what its like when [thing]" and its something i deal with all the time

Neil deGrasse Tyson: in the mirror you can only kiss yourself on the lips

me (raising hand): sorry uh.. Neil? you'd just be kissing a pane of glass, there's not actually a person in the mirror it's a reflection

i was not prepared that the anima quest line would give me a child. have you seen mihk'a. he is not father material

i have to laugh when people say you get more conservative as you age because i'm 40 and my personal journey has been from "means testing? sounds reasonable i guess" to "this mao guy knows what's up"

found the perfect soundtrack to steal for west marches game music and i can only hope to god no one recognises where it's from

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