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(a conversation last night reminded me I had written this. it's not complete and still rough but here it is anyway)

How should we talk about Stalin? Here I am not interested in debating the supposed facts and figures of the Victims of Communism and their ilk; my criticism is more fundamental. Their argument, fundamentally, is to place the Soviet Union, and Joseph Stalin in particular, in to the same condemned historical category as Hitler and his Nazi Regime. However, to accomplish this goal one would need to demonstrate that the actions of Stalin and other Soviet leaders are as heinous as the Holocaust and beyond the pale in comparison to the rest of the world at the time.

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"No one's standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change," Biden said.

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Democrat Imperalism, an ongoing thread 

this thread will serve as a basic overview of how Biden and Democrats are putting together another imperialist administration

For now, it will mainly be focused on the Cabinet picks but will include anything connected to Dems that have an imperialist nature

For example, while the two houses bickered over how many crumbs of aid they are going to give us, Dems voted for a $750 Billion budget for the Defense Department without much fanfare

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I'm working through "The Savage Constitution" that was referenced in the latest Red Nation Podcast episode and so far it is very good/informative:

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Here is my summary of Lenin's Imperialism. It consists of a short summary followed by a chapter by chapter overview of the whole piece. (repost from radtown)

Count Edmond de Fortemps' voice actor Stephen Critchlow passed today. People are honoring him at the Fortemps manor

the fact that those puppets are actually huge will never not throw me for a loop

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Mika “fucking up my friends sleep schedules” Tepes, since 2016

People don't talk enough about how cute @RussellsBarbershopQuartet 's ffxiv character is

Small business: it's like big business, but somehow even less likely to get caught abusing workers!

sorry diluc, you're really cool but you aren't a cute anime girl so you're going to use that pyro vision of yours to warm the bench

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me when i'm a spent uranium fuel rod and someone digs me up from my unhonorable place 500 years after i was put there

i think the important perspective to keep is the idea that human society should be organized to take care of peoples needs regardless of who they are. any time you start talking about which groups of people are more "deserving" youre marching to the tune of reactionaries

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