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(a conversation last night reminded me I had written this. it's not complete and still rough but here it is anyway)

How should we talk about Stalin? Here I am not interested in debating the supposed facts and figures of the Victims of Communism and their ilk; my criticism is more fundamental. Their argument, fundamentally, is to place the Soviet Union, and Joseph Stalin in particular, in to the same condemned historical category as Hitler and his Nazi Regime. However, to accomplish this goal one would need to demonstrate that the actions of Stalin and other Soviet leaders are as heinous as the Holocaust and beyond the pale in comparison to the rest of the world at the time.

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"No one's standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change," Biden said.

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I'm working through "The Savage Constitution" that was referenced in the latest Red Nation Podcast episode and so far it is very good/informative:

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Here is my summary of Lenin's Imperialism. It consists of a short summary followed by a chapter by chapter overview of the whole piece. (repost from radtown)

mika just called a carabiner a "lesbian clip" and i desperately want to make fun of him for this but i have a carabiner in my bag

"1. The expropriation of European workers from their means of subsistence, and the enslavement of Native Americans and Africans to the mines and plantations of the "New World," were not the only means by which a world proletariat was formed and "accumulated."

  1. This process required the transformation of the body into a work-machine, and the subjugation of women to the reproduction of the work-force. Most of all, it required the destruction of the power of women which, in Europe as in America, was achieved through the extermination of the "witches."

  2. Primitive accumulation, then, was not simply an accumulation and concentration of exploitable workers and capital. It was also an accumulation of differences and divisions within the working class, whereby hierarchies built upon gender, as well as "race" and age, became constitutive of class rule and the formation of the modern proletariat.

  3. We cannot, therefore, identify capitalist accumulation with the liberation of the worker, female or male, as many Marxists (among others) have done, or see the advent of capitalism as a moment of historical progress. On the contrary, capitalism has created more brutal and insidious forms of enslavement, as it has planted into the body of the proletariat deep divisions that have served to intensify and conceal exploitation. It is in great part because of these imposed divisions- especially those between women and men - that capitalist accumulation continues to devastate life in every corner of the planet." - caliban and the witch by Sylvia federici

Mika: all Christians are guilty until proven innocent

both me and sam: yeah, that's the central idea of the religion

rush has a song called "twilight zone" that is literally just synopses of a few twilight zone episodes

There have been a total of 732 immortels,[2] of whom nine were women (the first, Marguerite Yourcenar, was elected in 1980 – besides those elected, 25 women have been candidates, with the first in 1874).

hmmm 🤔

normal country!

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The Académie comprises forty members, known as les immortels ("the immortals").[2] New members are elected by the members of the Académie itself. Academicians normally hold office for life, but they may resign or be dismissed for misconduct.

haha holy shit

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or her anti-truancy initiative which put parents into jail for their children not attending school ('oh so your kid doesn't want to go to school because they're getting bullied for not being able to afford lunch? guess what'll really help'), or her fight to keep wrongfully convicted people in prison

objectively the difference between her and adolf eichmann is opportunity

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thinking about how kamala harris, while the attorney general of california, argued against the supreme court order to relieve crowding in the state's prisons by releasing inmates on the grounds that their forced labour was too important for the state

every time you report a monads user for reverse racism i give them a gold star and a little treat.

it takes 36 cars to run a NASCAR race but you could fit all 36 drivers on one bus

terrifying concept: vampire maid with a big leech tail like a a khezu

\*hanging from the ceiling with my weird ass tail*
good morning my lady
\*i lose suction and fall face first into the serving cart*

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Always remember when the French military pulled out of helping Wolfe Tone's Irish rebellion in the 1800s all because they were scared of a storm

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Obviously all my actions are neutral, I'm Swiss

Mocking the French, whilst valiant, serves only as a misdirection for what the English deserve

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