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Here is my summary of Lenin's Imperialism. It consists of a short summary followed by a chapter by chapter overview of the whole piece. (repost from radtown)

billionaires aren’t giving away their wealth when they spend it on “charity”. if they actually gave it away they would cease to control it, but they ensure that will never happen thru trusts and financial instruments. no - they are spending money on social control, and as a side benefit they get millions of useful idiots crowing about how they’re the most wonderful people in history for it.

While accelerating your blade faster than the speed of light, always make sure to wear proper PPE!


something that you poeple need to realize is that no matter what the content of the cw is, it's incredibly funny when the cw is like, a paragraph, and then the thing it's cw'ing is like, a sentence. there's just an incredible comedic tension between an extremely long CW, and a very short post 


I DO know what to do when you pray in space, which is you pray towards where Mecca *was* before you took off. but not sure what to do if I get Isekai'd

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the main problem I have with Isekai is the theological question about how to pray towards Mecca in a world where there is no Mecca

still remember my grade school teacher telling me to chill out about global warming cuz it would be my kids problem

I can ask if other human beings feel love, on the basis that I'll never know what it feels like to be them, but that doesn't make the question any less creepy for me to be asking

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"can cats feel love 🤔" they're social animals that hunt communally and in excess of their own needs in order to feed their young, elderly, and disabled, literally what else do you need

economists make no room for morality or ethics or god damn anything human

it's too bad that there's literally only two choices: no one works and people starve to death while freezing in the streets, or we force people to work and die of the fucking plague. if only there was a third option. alas

uh oh, china's economy is surpassing the US because they didn't spend the last 10 years redesigning their economy around giving money to failsons to make apps, time to do some saber rattling

if you want to build a leftist movement with any kind of support base you will have to include people that are not your cool punk friends. people really seem to get pissy at that idea.

the key to not getting mad at people who dislike the things you like is to hate the things you like more than them. ive been doing this for 10 years

listen, i know i should know about job markets and which ones and growing and which aren't but

it doesn't make me feel good to be told my major isn't "profitable" and that i need to be "smart" (i.e., think like a capitalist) if i want to pursue it cause money

i know i live in a capitalist country and all but way to knock the fucking wind from my sails

My PC cost a lot more than a console when I first bought it but I only need to upgrade it every 10 years instead of every 5.

@TapiocaPearl also we're pretty clearly at or very close to a processing plateau imo. i really think it will take quite some time for a recent graphics card, for example, to stop being able to run games. the part might literally wear out and reach the end of its lifespan before it becomes outdated

"people are scared for their health, people are scared for their families health. here's how to profit from that!"

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