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"No one's standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change," Biden said.

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Democrat Imperalism, an ongoing thread 

this thread will serve as a basic overview of how Biden and Democrats are putting together another imperialist administration

For now, it will mainly be focused on the Cabinet picks but will include anything connected to Dems that have an imperialist nature

For example, while the two houses bickered over how many crumbs of aid they are going to give us, Dems voted for a $750 Billion budget for the Defense Department without much fanfare

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I'm working through "The Savage Constitution" that was referenced in the latest Red Nation Podcast episode and so far it is very good/informative:

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Here is my summary of Lenin's Imperialism. It consists of a short summary followed by a chapter by chapter overview of the whole piece. (repost from radtown)

"why are people always begging for money on here"

bc as a heavily leftist and communist space people understand that shit sucks right now and mutual aid is a viable path to get help

the funny thing about lenin is that like

he won his posting war so well that when you go back and read him railing against kautsky, most people go, "who?"

he's already dead king, you won

Glad there are right wing users out there making sure we don't talk about communism too much.

Lol this was local only for some reason, initially.

Fuck off, I want this federated.

Who are the landlords on here who feel scared. Or is it your mom and dad who pay for the punk house you're worried about?

Reporting this user because they make me concerned my parents will lose their revenue streams from their Seattle AirBnB.

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There are lots of people begging for money on here because they can't pay rent. Even if you don't go out much, surely you're noticed there are a lot of people on fedi who are scared that they're going to be homeless -- or are homeless and seeking donations?

me: dont be afraid of communism, it literally cant hurt you you piss baby

also me: im going to kill every landlord and i think that is correct and right

did more modding in ffxiv because htis game deserves to be filled with tall, buff, black-sclera'd and pointy-teethed dragon girls

Gaius: How very glib-
WoL: 🎡 da da da caramelldansen 🎡

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All beings are either cats, or not cats. This is more clear in some cases rather than others.

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It is my sincere belief that the Scandinavians must be dissuaded from putting sex scenes in their movies all the time, by force of international arms if necessary.

One thing my Judeo-Christian values have taught me is that Jesus Christ either is or is not the messiah.

my judeo-christian values have taught me that humans either do or do not have original sin

as a member of an abrahamic religion, i believe that god is either one or three, that other people should or should not be converted to my religion, and that muhammad either is or is not the prophet of god

we're in session zero of a monster of the week game and melissa just compared my character to larry davis

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