how come in star wars luke got to have a normal name and nobody else in that trilogy or elsewhere in the series got one

@jamescheese i have honestly never put it together before this moment that Luke is short for Lucas

@healyn this opens to door for a rereading of the star wars where luke is lucas's self insert protag. much to think about

@jamescheese @healyn see also: gene wesley roddenberry insisting on a wunderkind who would one day ascend to space godhood being in star trek tng, and that his name should definitely be wesley

@jamescheese @healyn it's ultimately self-insert kurosawa fanfic disguised by a flash gordon reskin, the same way 50 shades of gray hid its twilight fanfic origins by making it about a businessman instead of a vampire

@finn @jamescheese i'm embarrassed that i've never noticed this before

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