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getting spitroasted by an angel and a demon to see what happens

Every day I wake up and am forced to eat the utility monster's ass for 8 hours a day.... won't anyone save me

its like saying “we all supported the iraq war back then” whats all this “we” shit

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you know, theres people out there who say things like “it’s embarrassing to like eminem now, but back in the day he was really good!”. those people are fucking liars.

my favorite fiction trope is when an extremely stupid and selfish act is presented as "sacrifice"

type of guy who doesnt understand what animal husbandry is and becomes ordained and starts marrying his farm animals to each other. we gettingnright in the eyes of god and not living in sin now 👏🏽

i have to laugh when people say you get more conservative as you age because i'm 40 and my personal journey has been from "means testing? sounds reasonable i guess" to "this mao guy knows what's up"

cancel culture is trying to take away the horny m&m.

me suddenly
your mom got a little booty though huh? 🤔 she dating anyone?

using my fat nuts as a counter weight in my nut sack operated water well

we are LIVE playing HEARTS OF IRON 4 as the SOVIET UNION, led by IOSIF STALIN! come watch me fuck everything up in my very first hoi4 game!

blowjob parlor quartet doing funny little songs while i wait in the front for my appointment

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