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me when i'm a spent uranium fuel rod and someone digs me up from my unhonorable place 500 years after i was put there

it honestly feels almost feudal that in my industry no matter what you do 30% of your business's income will go to a platform holder who does basically nothing

all this signaling about who is a "real worker" is just horseshit, everyones job is bullshit in this society because your job only exists to make money for people who pay you

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i think the important perspective to keep is the idea that human society should be organized to take care of peoples needs regardless of who they are. any time you start talking about which groups of people are more "deserving" youre marching to the tune of reactionaries

on the one hand bitcoin is useless and wastes a lot of electricity for no reason, but it also made computer parts really expensive too

this professor replied identically to every single canvas post instead of posting an announcement so now my canvas emails are completely unreadable

wearing my longest squeakiest clown shoes to my date today

everyone is mad at the cryptocurrency dorks for gpu prices but i think we should also blame the ml dorks

@dankwraith machine learning has solved a lot of made-up problems designed to make machine learning seem useful!

has machine learning ever solved a single problem

@dankwraith widespread adoption of captchas as a verification mechanism has made it much more annoying to sign up for things, thereby encouraging me to spend less time on the computer

"which way are you transitioning" oh well I'm taking the scenic route

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