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one of my mothers coworkers got in trouble because she linked a youtube video about naked mole rats in google classroom that she didnt watch so she didnt realize that in the middle of it the narrator calls the mole rat queen "a real whore"

called academy sports again to ask if underarmour or whoever has invented athletic fetish gear for track enthusiasts yet. they told me they're gonna hunt me down and crush my cell phone under the manager's hummer if i ask them one more time about running gags

my drawing ability is at the exact level to be good and fun in the jackbox drawing game and i think i'm satisfied with that

Training montage where I get good at chess by punching slabs of meat and doing one hand pushups

Like to see you try and pole vault into the air with a sword smh

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Some ANTI SPEAR rhetoric on the tl tonight and I don't think I'll stand for it

"Spears aren't cool" I mean if you use them practically yeah, you're supposed to swing it around like a staff

i enter the discord voice chat. i say "hey gamers, how's the gaming tonight?" i am forcibly ejected from the discord server

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