seeing ppl like "babies were fine before formula" uhhh, no the fuck they were not... like, not only were infant mortality rates MUCH higher and not only were white women having their slaves nurse their babies for them but ppl were also boiling oats and milk and sugar and shit, making fucking formula!

formula should be, at the very least, subsidized and healthy. but, not only is it incredibly expensive, not only is it made of fucking corn syrup, it is literally nonexistent. are all the mothers who will end up in prison for stealing formula, all the babies who will be malnourished and develop chronic illnesses as a result, or even die, is this the "invisible hand of capitalism" working as intended? this is the best and most humane system we've come up with?

people are absolutely delusional to think this is, if not an optimal outcome, a necessary consequence of our political economy. oh wait, they don't think the economy is political, just "the economy", the natural state of things... fuck!

@hyphae fun game: go to a cemetery over a century old and see how many death dates are less than a year from the birth date

@hyphae anecdotal obviously but basically every dollop starring someone from the 19th century or earlier kicks off with a dead sibling in the early life section

@robotcarsley thanks for reminding me about the dollop. a pretty decent show. I think my fave episode was about when the u.s.a. declared war on squirrels, armed schoolchildren to wage said war, and put out a bunch of propaganda with drawings of squirrels in s.s. uniform saying the squirrels were nazi sympathizers.

@hyphae my favorite has to be one of the live episodes, they've been doing the show so long that their riffs are pretty well worn but the addition of a third mic and an audience freshens it up. My favorite is either the New York to Paris car race via Siberia or Macquarie Island, where they slaughtered millions of penguins to make shitty oil that nobody wanted because what are you going to do, let them live in peace?

@hyphae I haven't heard the one you're describing, but it sounds amazing

@InternetEh @hyphae John Harvey Kellogg I presume? I've heard the Behind the Bastards about him but not the dollop. Another one they both covered that was really interesting was the Wave

@robotcarsley @hyphae yeah, Gareth's reaction when he realizes it's that Kellogg is perfect

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