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I would pin this post but the intended audience would never read it:

do not follow request me if your profile isn't filled out, you've never interacted with me in literally any way, not even fave-ing the post that I know is the reason you're requesting, and sure you don't know what instances I've heard of or not, but if I've never even heard of you or your instance. I'm not denying your request, I'm keeping it on my wall of shame.

i knew rearranging the entire house would probably take 3 days but now that i'm on day 3 i am so ready for it to be done. very excited, but also exhausted due to b-day shenanigans for my girlfriend being interspersed with all the moving.

i am always but especially today feeling **fuck cops fuck america**

i said i was gonna get groceries like a week ago but i'm actually doing it today. just been practically eating boiled grain cos i can't be arsed to go to the store.

if my math adds up right: for any school shooting that takes place in the entire rest of the world, there are 185 in the u.s.a., so uhh, that's bad right?

okay i'm fully convinced that i'm completely incapable of having sex dreams. i just dreamed i was in a house full of beautiful women and they were all hitting on me, except i was freaking out cos i couldn't find my girlfriend and i was very worried about her. my dreams are just taunting me at this point.

maybe this is a unique feature of where i am specifically in washington since i'm blocked off from seattle by mountains and victoria is literally line of sight but my point stands

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we only had 3 tv stations when i was a kid and they were all canadian. almost every radio station is canadian. my gf's mom thought oh canada was our anthem until she was a teenager.

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washingtonians don't get enough credit for being discount canadians on account of alaska taking all the heat, but i'm literally listening to canadian radio and looking directly at canada as i type this.

if i can get halfway through my todo list it'll be better than most days lol

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just put like 25 things on my todo list but a lot of them are like 1 simple thing that'll take a second lol it just looks really bad

none of the one piece live action promo shit shows nico robin but it showes chopper even though robin was introduced first. who did they cast as robin!?

in a few more days the grain jars will be at a good point to show progress

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it'a hard to get a good pic but this oyster mushroom culture is aggressive as hell. it's hardly been 4 days since i transferred it to this dish and it had been neglected and dormant in the other dish for like 7 months lmao

i want to watch other anime but i'm still like more than 200 episodes behind on one piece. maybe when i'm caught up i'll start watching other shows lol.

anyone looking to quit drinking, i beg of you not to quit cold turkey. even if you dont think you drink a lot you can still get dt's and it's really fukin dangerous.

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shoutout to all the addicts struggling to get off drugs or struggling on them, that shit is no joke and i wish you all the strength and compassion that you require.

been vaping juice that's like 1/10th the amount of nicotine i normally vape and it's finally payday and i can finally give my brain the chemicals it wants

everytime i post i'm like "ooh who changed their pfp to baby 5?" it's me, i changed my pfp to baby 5. i think i've only had 2 or 3 pfp's since joining fedi like 3 yrs ago so this is a mind bender for me lol

don't get me wrong, i love huskies, but i was one and done with callisto. i had no intention of getting another. but it may be that all my dogs except po have been huskies. how does this keep happening!?

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