haven't really been in a good place lately, but im trying to get better at composition

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i never actually go to sleep i just lay in bed and think about frogs for 11 hours then get up completely refreshed and ready to start my day

*ramming a shovel against my ass* hark! we've hit buried treasure!

you’re telling me there’s a ham in this radio???

sorry but I can't get a ham radio license, I'm vegan :/

the fun thing about nail polish is how extremely shopliftable it is

i'm a centrist. i think both sides of the sino-soviet split had good points

mao zedong had the right idea about landlords but frankly he went way too soft on them

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet you just made me think of one of my favorite images ever (cw belly, implied genitals)

no, you misheard me, i'm getting a metroidoplasty. gonna have an alien down there

if it doesn't have FLIES it's not WEIRD and i DON'T LiKE IT

"heh, im gonna put some dead cows in a piano, that'll be weird as FUCK" ~ some guy named luis, probably

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what is it with Bizzaro Film Directors and dead animals??? is this how you do a symbolism

@kiosk i almost interacted with your german post but i think i got distracted by breakfast

also, these are public things that are being reported! it's a public forum! if you don't want people to talk about how shitty your opinions and you as a person are, consider not typing out your horrible shit into a public website! it's absurd to say "well they can say that publicly, and that's fine, but when you say publicly that they shouldn't be saying that, THAT is the REAL problem"

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reports are for the privacy of THE PERSON REPORTING, not the person getting reported or the admin of the instance they're on

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