gross, nsfw, not safe for life 

i can't stop thinking about this

today im participating in pretty much every picrew i see people posting about. i definitely do not have a problem

food, human waste, gross 

when you eat an entire block of cheese and also a bunch of rice, bread, and other foods that cause constipation, resulting in a massive rock solid shit that takes an entire team of highly trained professionals to pass through your poor rectum

selfie, ec 

pov: you just admitted to liking anime in my presence

"it looks just like this. you wanna come back to my place? to play chess on this bad boy ofc. wait where are you going"

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phillip k. dick writes a woman, nudity 

i think about this constantly

so i just found this on an old thumb drive. i made it as a valentine's day gift back in high school but it's too?? cute???

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