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my pronouns are she/her but i'll also accept fuck you/get out of my house

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like the mythical hydra i have seven heads. unlike the mythical hydra they are all coming out of your body and due to their incredible stature you are quickly losing blood pressure. the more you panic the larger they grow. the clock is ticking

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bodily fluids, lewd 

if horror games get to portray people crying tears of blood i don't see why sex games don't have people crying tears of cum

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*rips off shirt to show that im fcuking ripped*
the body is just a vessel.
*flexes my arm, creating a tower of muscle at least 5ft high*
i am puny in every way except the physical

taking my cybertruck to the river so it can go schlop schlop schlop schlop

please release this thing, i would Love to see a bunch of idiots drive their expensive toys into the sea

the clips will be hilarious

*throws dick and balls over my shoulders like its a dishrag*

how can i help ya stranger? cup of coffee? menu is on the table

the thing thats good about techno is that so much of it sounds so irreparably fucked but in a really sexy danceable way

have you seen the trans guy rap from the pov of trans ally Eminem yet? it's a fucking perfect tonal and style parody

@hundredsofdeadrats what if when they opened they way "Pwah!" To spit out their seeds

the best part about banksia cones is they only open their mouths when there's a forest fire. as if to scream, but the only noise that comes out is the falling of seeds

if i can be the reason even one person finds out what banksia cones are i'll be able to rest peacefully

just read the lyrics to the town inside me for the first time and, holy moly

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