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my pronouns are she/her but i'll also accept fuck you/get out of my house

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like the mythical hydra i have seven heads. unlike the mythical hydra they are all coming out of your body and due to their incredible stature you are quickly losing blood pressure. the more you panic the larger they grow. the clock is ticking

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bodily fluids, lewd 

if horror games get to portray people crying tears of blood i don't see why sex games don't have people crying tears of cum

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*rips off shirt to show that im fcuking ripped*
the body is just a vessel.
*flexes my arm, creating a tower of muscle at least 5ft high*
i am puny in every way except the physical

if nancy pelosi was a thirsty little flower who desperately needed me to water her i would just let her die

yeah babe dont worry you immunized yourself to being transed. you're a strong little cis boy and im proud of you. anyway did you see the gif i sent you over discord

sexual. a joke 

trans woman coming out as a woman while im sucking her off, i feel shook and betrayed when i realize we're having straight sex. no i dont stop sucking

"Real hetmen only trans their genders to find out if they are cis or not" --- thunderbolt fantasy

"if i turn these quads into an absolute mess i can add the four tris i need to make my knees bend properly. goes back to rigging oh fuck what is going on with my torso"

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if ive learned anything from the last five hours it's that low poly modeling is where topology goes to die

the covenant that god made with noah was that every single animal on that boat was gay

so someone like ben shapiro can tweet into the wind and sooner or later means and motive will coincide and cause someone to shoot up a mosque. but a rose emoji bluetick can't do the same to get a supreme court justice shot because the only people reading who could be convinced to do it are people who are never going to get the chance

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You know what country does guarantee access to abortion, for absolutely free? Cuba.

stochastic terror works for the right but does not work for the left because the gradient of violence in society is away from power. marginalised are far less likely to receive opportunities to enact violence on their oppressors than the reverse. overcoming that takes organisation and concerted effort

i am going to physically destroy the united states. i am going to rupture the ground and send hellspawn to every office. there will be no survivors

remember your civics and don't just focus on the federal level. make sure to also assassinate politicians at the state and local level too


Music for Pissing and Shitning Yourself

Spotify playlist

when is there gonna be a piss option in powerwash sim. powerwash the piss trough at the baseball stadium.

im going to keep drinking this coffee until either my headache goes away or i phase through my seat from the sheer vibrations like im kid flash

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