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*rips off shirt to show that im fcuking ripped*
the body is just a vessel.
*flexes my arm, creating a tower of muscle at least 5ft high*
i am puny in every way except the physical

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im trans and autistic and all i do is shitpost and play ffxiv. im lost and don't know how i got here and i will never interact because you all terrify me. i have been holding my hand against the wall for like two years trying to find the exit and i refuse to give in to you monsters. i've tried to get in contact with help but the only app that works on my phone anymore is subway tooter. im beginning to fear i will never escape. i like synths and im a baby leftist. hope we get along :blobheartcat:

trolley problem: you have tied people into the tracks and are about to plough thru them on your kickass trolley but some miscreant looks liable to divert you. how do you prevent this

:bing: how to say good girl without it sounding incredibly horny

hrt has made me incredibly buff and ready to rip apart my opponents with sheer size and power. it is a vehicle to destruction and must be handled not with caution but reckless abandon

can you imagine how much games must have sucked that we enjoyed adventure quest

this is coming from somebody whose most used cw is 'lewd'

its really not that difficult

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curry rice but with spaghetti sauce and meatballs 😋​

The Aztecs imposed bathing on the working class

Why fromsoftware should stop making soulslikes and make armored core 6 [1/700]

words often have double meanings. for instance, when i say "begone, swine," what that *really* means is "leave my presence, foul pig"

gonna open palm slam morgan into a washing machine and walk away

under anarcho somethingism everything is legal except weezer

i am immune to psychic attacks not because i have particularly strong barriers but because upon reaching zero my health pool just starts increasing in other direction

new pride flag for those who proudly don't identify as italian

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