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*rips off shirt to show that im fcuking ripped*
the body is just a vessel.
*flexes my arm, creating a tower of muscle at least 5ft high*
i am puny in every way except the physical

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im trans and autistic and all i do is shitpost and play ffxiv. im lost and don't know how i got here and i will never interact because you all terrify me. i have been holding my hand against the wall for like two years trying to find the exit and i refuse to give in to you monsters. i've tried to get in contact with help but the only app that works on my phone anymore is subway tooter. im beginning to fear i will never escape. i like synths and im a baby leftist. hope we get along :blobheartcat:

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for the record, i have never posted on this website. i will never post on this website. i have made a vow to keep this website at a safe distance at all times. i refuse to learn what a 'fedi' is. probably some european thing

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i only wake up to post during planetary alignments, this way i can mix it up and escape to either one in case things go sour

thinking about pulling a fast one and switching from being a marxist to whatever the hell dr. bronner was on about

*I exhale, leaning forward through a cloud of cigarette smoke*

listen, mate, you think you can scare me with your posts? think you can get a rise out of me? you fool, you absolute dunce. i've been "logged-on" since 2007 and there are only two people who I fear

*dramatically counting with my fingers*

1. The Curator, @ArachnoCommunist
2. The Poster, @hundredsofdeadrats

how's it transing brx, like, how's your gender coming along my dxde

I've discovered the Rats mod for Minecraft and joy has returned to my being

not a day goes by where i don't think about how awesome it would be to have talons so i could go around jumping on people's backs and taking them to my nest for consumption

it's winter time, you know what that means! *starts shoveling rats into my pussy to protect them from the cold*

weird how the fediverse is full of gay tankies with stellar takes and absolutely no one else

*ramming a shovel against my ass* hark! we've hit buried treasure!

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