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bodily fluids, lewd 

if horror games get to portray people crying tears of blood i don't see why sex games don't have people crying tears of cum

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*rips off shirt to show that im fcuking ripped*
the body is just a vessel.
*flexes my arm, creating a tower of muscle at least 5ft high*
i am puny in every way except the physical

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i have never been known to grow, or even maintain my current size. i am constantly deflating and losing altitude as my buoyancy reaches critical levels. i will soon be puny in every way and thus end my natural life cycle as a tiny plankton drifting aimlessly at sea

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im trans and autistic and all i do is shitpost and play ffxiv. im lost and don't know how i got here and i will never interact because you all terrify me. i have been holding my hand against the wall for like two years trying to find the exit and i refuse to give in to you monsters. i've tried to get in contact with help but the only app that works on my phone anymore is subway tooter. im beginning to fear i will never escape. i like synths and im a baby leftist. hope we get along :blobheartcat:

i think if i were a horse i would simply have all my legs, arms, wings, chitin, ovipositors, ampullae of lorenzini, tentacles, eyes, hair, etc be normal. that's what i'd do.

far be it from melissa to kinkshame 70% of the timeline

had a dream last night that my mom was playing lego: nier automata

this could be the end of me. i will consult the proper channels before revealing it to the world at large

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i have had a very profound personal realization that has shaken me to my very core

hello nurse! welcome to the hospital. would you lik the appels or the bees

"you're probably the most proudly bimbofied member of the fc" i am being ripped apart

i think i have too much ram im running a minecraft server, minecraft and ffxiv at once

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