first date pointing things out and saying they were built by aliens
fourth date hunting for aliens
fifth and sixth dates abducted by aliens (twice in one week)

@requrious anyway i use this for compressing my pdf's. it's mostly just a gui wrapper over ghostscript so you could do it by hand also

i wish there was decent foss layout software, the way there are graphics applications. scribus is absolute ass and if indesign worked on linux i'd jump ship so fucking fast tell you what

remembering going to a baptist youth group at a church some neighbors attended once and the youth pastor and his wife decided to talk about sex. primarily by talking about how they have sex with each other all the time. at one point the pastor was like "even if you only have sex ten percent of the time, that's still two and a half hours per day!" and even as a very sheltered kid i was like "that does not sound realistic".

Ugh my new JO crystal has a proprietary charger

@horsefucker_thicc It's like I can see the gradient from shaky sense to completely forcing it

@horsefucker_thicc Saturdays Are for the Boys (and Yig)

Barstool fans are definitely shoggoths

weird how i'm the only one on here who's not a touhou

\*does an awkward touhou portrait stance* no i will not watch the video you just linked me featuring pepe frog in the thumbnail telling me to vote for biden

hp lovecraft: here's some stories i wrote about entities that are expressly inhuman and not based on any existing mythology

occultist: hmm i do like the sound of that; but how can i make it exactly like victorian hermeticism

did horsefucker_thicc log off? is it safe to come back on the line?

whenever anyone tries to explain football to me i just respond with "i know how football works, the strong men battle over possession of the egg. its simple."

horselover fat
horsefucker thicc
horseshagger plump
equineintercourser corpulent

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