living this afraid of absolutely everyone is exactly the hell these people deserve

my brain whenever i see someone use a hegel word (like 'contradiction' or 'negation' or 'spirit' or 'history')

(me rolling your mentions)

(me fucking off to twitter when someone calls me a 'binch')

(me coming back to double down)

i'm sure there's a perfectly innocent reason why this snouts user defending alt-right memes in dank's mentions decided to pick 14 and not literally any other number that is not a white supremacist calling card for this 'you're only saying that because i'm a furry' defence

re: reply person 

'Ah, my apologies! I shall pick my next battle of wits with someone who feels adequately armed for the conflict.'

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screencaps, the meta 

doubling down it is, then. bold choice

you can tell the book is american and not german b/c they bothered to include transcriptions and translations

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