now thinking about how the 'minimalist' dillo browser doesn't support right-to-left text or complex text layout. being able to correctly render arabic or devanagari occupies the same place in the foss mind as javascript

@horsefucker_thicc most "minimalist" software is masturbation around "if i don't use it, it's bloat", even if it's designed to support real is complex, to reflect reality. (that said, sometimes i enjoy minimalist shit, but i fully acknowledge it'll probably only fit my narrow usecase.)

@libc @horsefucker_thicc This 1000%. It personally drives me nuts. In my opinion, correctly rendering foreign texts is an extremely important goal for the advancement of free software and should be a top priority. It shouldn't even be a second thought to implement these features in most software.

I used to have an excellent idea on the essentials of great software. I wrote it all out and then lost it sadly. If I could find the time to program again, I'd write a lot of great software.

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