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@horsefucker_thicc (nudging my date when bil lepp is on screen) that's the man

(nudging my date when past events are mentioned on man vs history starring bil lepp) that's the history

i've'nt watched man vs history yet so please don't spoil which of them wins

wait I though horsefucker thicc was esvrld

animal coprophagia 

this puts the whole thing with snouts and 'shitposting instances' into new light

esvrld keeps mailing me anthrax, tuberculosis, bubonic plague, etc but since xe's cheap as shit xe buys it all from some russian darknet forum and half of it is like 300 years old and no longer viable, and the other half is just maize flour and not the plague at all

will everyone stop boosting someone with the name horsefucker_thicc onto my timeline for just one minute

i do think the military angle on the marvel movies is a very fruitful one. i think especially of captain marvel, where the main character leaves the us air force to join another, extraterrestrial military

in the comics, the kree and the skrull are equally powerful and equally genocidal rival empires (which inevitably acquires echoes of western both-sideseing readings on any 'ethnic conflict'), and the shapeshifting skrull prominently feature in the 'secret invasion' storyline where they secretly infiltrate the earth, replacing important humans. this is a classic scifi storyline, but it originates from pre-war yellow peril and post-war red scare propaganda

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in captain marvel it instead turns out the skrull are refugees fleeing the aggressive kree empire that indiscriminately bombs civilian targets while justifying its wars with the spectre of 'skrull terrorism'. especially coming out at the time it did it's very hard not to read here an allegory for the united states

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the film can't condemn the actual air force, so it instead accomplishes this kind of secondary world switcheroo where the character, whisked out from the ranks of the us armed forces, immediately becomes a soldier of the space us. and when she comes to realise the genocidal, imperialist ambitions of the kree — which she only does after being sent back to earth and coming into contact with the air force — she doesn't rejoin the us, she abandons them both

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