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dear chess world,

i am writing this from the shadow realm where niemann's penalty game sent me

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niemann was clearly being possessed by an ancient egyptian pharaoh of some sort. him growing two inches taller and his hairstyle changing is a dead giveaway

newest competitive chess cheating strat is i'm going to be swallowing an amulet that allows me to channel the shade of josé capablanca

Chess is what happens when mfs get too much pussy

@FirstProgenitor yoko taro shooting a huge cannonball labelled 'daddy horny' over a player's head as they go 'huh, this says a lot about what it means to be human,'

yoko taro, writing nier automata: i bet someone's going to make some sick reddit femboy porn from this

Adult Sex Diapers Dot Com Commemorates Queen Elizabeth II And Stands With The People Of Ukraine

uh, isn't this blue hedgehog character from deviantart mpreg??

i have no opinion on whether the new chess guy cheated or not but i do think that the big chess guy is being too much of a gamer about it

lmao i was about to post that the carlsen missive reads like something from scrub quotes and lo

a gamer reviewing footage trying to prove someone is hacking like the back and to the left scene in JFK

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