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using archlinux:

does it work?

uh yea kinda: don't touch it, it might get worse

no: try

(1) upgrading your system
(2) downgrading your system
(3) reinstalling the kernel
(4) duckduckgoing 'arch' followed by a description of the problem, then copying whatever you find into the terminal
(5) going to a live usb and doing (1–4)

who the fuck cares. nothing any hypothetical bad actor could sneak in there could fuck my system up worse than the regular updates do

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my favourite part of using arch is probably how it waits until the very end of a full system upgrade to tell you you're missing 1 pgp key and the upgrade can't be completed

as far as fantasy literature went the choices were basically wheel of time; eddings (they're all the same book); and weis & hickman. nowadays the genre has broadened and you can get your choice of creepy and rape-y 'dark fantasy'; or ya (they're all the same book)

death gate has just the most pathetic bumbling apologising gay-coded resembling a wet rat man in alfred. sang-drax was probably a twink, i don't remember anymore. something in sovereign stone too probably

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weis & hickman i feel really suffered from doing their best-known works before tumblr was a thing

'young adult fiction' as a distinct genre (as opposed to an audience) didn't really exist when it came out and even then there's is absolutely nothing 'young adult' about it. all the characters are adults and like half of them are 1000 years old

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just saw the death gate cycle described as 'ya' and i am, as i believe 'the kids' say, deceased and in hell

i'm going to show this to people from now on to explain touhou

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