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working at my posts, late one night
when my 👀​ beheld an eerie sight
for the shitposter from eir slab, began to rise
and suddenly, to my surprise

ey did the mash

throwing hand signals to other users to signal that they should start posting about the current meta

actually, it would be better if bruce wayne used his money to woo the joker's wife while he's off doing crimes

it's called because it's for centrists

i think there is a huge difference between "don't use this word, it could have ableist connotations you interpret it in a specific way" and "don't use this word, it has actually been historically used to denigrate differently-abled people"

thinking about inventing a hypothetical type of person whatever you just said could be construed as being ableistic against.... bet you'd feel pretty owned then, huh


if the word 'babybrained' used as a descriptor of behaviour constitutes 'really gross ableism' to you — like not just ableism in general, big leagues real shit ableism — maybe your metrics of what is and isn't 'real' and 'gross' are a bit skewed? maybe the language of social justice exists for reasons other than fighting your inane online battles for you? just a thought

gonna start inter-instance beef now:

red room's emojis are better than monads' emojis

complementarianism is when you see a man hand something to a woman so she can use her nails to peel it off and then you see a woman hand something to a man so he can use his acrylic nails-free hands to unscrew something and you think, "that's natural. God did that"

Wasbappin Twitter humor 

I know I joke about making shirts a lot, but I may do this one for real.

thanks for the link to the instagram login dialog! really appreciated it

Whenever I see .social called m.s my brain reads it as Mobile Suit and I get excited for a second

i prefer comics (or 'graphic novels'. whatever) to novels because they're quicker to read, and because i'm oversensitive to bad writing but easily impressed by even halfway good visual art

if someone offered me a treatment, using nanobots or w/e, that could fix my chronic conditions, i am really not sure that i'd take it

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ideologically i am extremely in favour of body modifications — breaking down the limits and boundaries of human anatomy, transforming skin and bone into art, melding flesh and machine — but like. there aren't that many things, cosmetic or otherwise, i'd change about my own body

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i like the idea of the elf ears surgery. like i don't want elf ears myself, but i think it's cool that other people do

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