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every morning, the same routine: wake and shave myself with some mace in the dark

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hi, I'm hightithe, I'm 33. I have two sons, and I'm language support for 1st grade math.

I have a tiktok of content like xiaoyu panda

The government should give everyone a katana to decapitate their landlord with

They're called hard boiled eggs because when I'm boiling them, I'm rock hard

haters need to get like me and embiggen their lifestyle

you won't wanna miss this once in a lifetime event from the archives

first name Al, last name "Ya broke my heart, Fredo"

if you wanna be my wife guy,
you gotta white-knight my friends
posts won't last forever,
but simping never ends

jacking an italian's shopping cart at the Kroger. "O no, il mio carrito!" they cry, helplessly

I'm watching mars attacks and it's hitting different during pandemic. a world shattering catastrophe happens and the leadership of the nation is concerned chiefly with maintaining normalcy than doing something about it

I am hooting and hollering, i am screaming, I am laughing so much i'm crying

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