Tips for new users:

  1. don't look at the federated tl
  2. block/mute people or instances if you don't like them
  3. choose an instance based on its vibes (small/mid sized usually is better)
  4. put your pronouns (or a blurb about how you want people to address you) in bio
  5. CW nudes, food, eye contact, and anything that is likely to be triggering
  6. censoring w*rds just breaks filters, better to hide it in a CW. discoverability is shit , it's damn near impossible to search for things except by hashtag

also any pleroma instance has a 50/50 chance of being a bunch of shitheads. tread with care

> put your pronouns in bio

A great marker of which you should not have deals with.

@heartles actually it is pretty ok on types dot poland

@hazel oh yeah it's okay on some smaller instances that don't use relays. but even on monads, where everyone is a Cool Poster:tm: , it's p awful

@heartles @hazel my own was ok when I wasnt on relays anymore but its always just my tl so I dotn really care that much. Im not even a single user instance but I mostly I am i guess

@heartles as a new user who found this on the federated tl, thank you. :p

i haven't seen too much bad on the federated yet, as for the instance thing... i might move to a smaller one soonish.

thanks for the tips! :blob_cat_heart:

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