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@starwall after respec, i'm a
genderhacker 10
fosslock 4
shitwizard 5
swordlesbian 2

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this account supports he/him and bi/pan lesbians so if you don't then let me know so i can block you thanks

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i accidentally clicked "clear cookies" on twitter, guess i'm never signing in again lmao

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in case you don't know which of over a thousand games to play from the bundle:

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hello my name is michael vsauce and welcome to jackass

isnt it epic how gmos are great for a lot of reasons people dont realize but also terrible because of the seed market that a lot of people just genuinely dont know or care about

postshidding about the trans flag 

i was around on the NTAC mailing list when the flag y’all know was proposed in ’01 by monica helms, a former military tran,

i severely disliked it then (besides, i’d been trying out different designs going all the way back to ’96, back then i thought vexillology could be used for good things)

i still dislike the flag (and flags generally), but i will tolerate the trans flag *only* if Raquel Willis’s version is used --> :transgender_flag_black:

otherwise, nah, hard pass

i've got a consistent thing going on and then discord comes in with this bullshit

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i dislike how the discord color scheme is very close to, but not quite the same as Arc Dark

as far as flags go, i'm a fan of the libyan flag from 1977 to 2011

soft drinks 


Today's gender is sadness and the smell of fire.

“that isn’t a circle. that definitionally isn’t a circle. there is no point for which all points on that figure are equidistant from it”

“yeah, but it sure looks like a circle, doesn’t it? checkmate”

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i forgot about the pi bill. it’s a fun example of why you can’t make sweeping mathematical generalizations based on what you think *looks* right for one given case (i.e. the “””circle””” that this guy drew with radius 5 and circumference 32)

i hate it when people complain about hansel culture


@xenofem unfortunately i'm one of those people who learns fastest when someone shows them how to do a thing in person, so not really — i got a makeover slash miniclass done once at a party by a beauty blogger friend of my gf at the time, and learned more in three hours than i had from zoning out during youtube videos in the previous year — but this look is pretty easy.

• shave if you need to shave.
• wash and dry your face so the primer sticks better.
• put fingertip-sized blobs of primer on your cheeks and forehead and maybe a little on your nose and chin. i think the stuff's mostly friendly organosilicone compounds, and it feels nice.
• rub it all over your face until your skin looks and feels smooth and soft. don't miss transitional areas like where your nose meets the rest of your face. this will fill in pores and cover minor roughness. you can use a power brush if you have one.
• if you were doing something like covering beard shadow or serious fuck-me makeup, you'd put concealer, color corrector, foundation, and like six other things on top of this because they stick to primer well, but you're not, this is a lazy-mode technique, so…
• brush on some translucent setting powder. this prevents anything else from sticking to the primer, and suppresses specular reflections.
• brush off the excess, if there is any. try not to brush it directly onto your dress. i always fuck up that part.
• you're done. feel your face. soft! no longer shiny!

for primer, i like Garnier 5 Second Blur so of course they discontinued it. L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base is pretty similar except it doesn't come in a squeeze tube, and you can get it at any drugstore.

for setting powder, i use Coty Airspun which you can get pretty much anywhere.

for the brush, i use a Clarisonic ultrasonic brush with the makeup applicator head they're kinda expensive, but there are like a dozen brands of Clarisonic knockoffs and they work pretty much as well. it is not essential; you can do this nearly as well with your fingers and the powder puff thing that comes in the Airspun jar.

i've got an idea for a joke that'll really make me laugh but i don't want to get yelled at

me: lighter

Sephora clerk: ma'am, we don't go any lighter on foundations. you're already at shade 1. we normally only sell this stuff to vampires.

me: what about the negative shade numbers

clerk: ma'am? if you've even heard of those, you'd know we can't sell that stuff to civilians. you'd need to be a professional.

me: look, i didn't want to bring this up in public, but… here's my ACM membership card

clerk: oh shit.

clerk: okay. uh.

clerk: Zelda, take my station. we got a Code Lunar.

so you want to make games? step 1: make an eternal pact with a demon

no accredited programs in oregon lmao

hmmm, UW has a online program, plus seattle isn't too far away if i have to go in person

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i wonder if they'll let me go for a masters using a cs degree as a bachelors

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