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i, am a . every morning i wake up and kiss the picture of president xi i keep on my nightstand, then do my morning prayers at a shrine to stalin. once i've finished eating my breakfast, a stack of vegan banana pancakes and a cup of coffee with oat milk, i don my animal control uniform and go out to catch the furries frolicking in the park. with a few of them captured, I gleefully haul them off to the gulag. void of furries, i'm now able to enjoy a blissful afternoon in the park playing chess with the local transphobes and queerphobes. at the end of the day i return home, take my hrt tablets and have sex with my gay lesbian wife using my massive girlcock. to finish the day, i kneel again before my shrine to stalin, the second coming of jesus, and recite a short nighttime prayer before falling peacefully to sleep, pleasant dreams of bulling others in my head.

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Docker is the most popular way to download and run sketchy executables at web scale

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accusing someone of listing their kinks in bio because the first line says "linux advocate"

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@starwall after respec, i'm a
genderhacker 10
fosslock 4
shitwizard 5
swordlesbian 2

i've come to loading up my monads alt a lot just to look at the local lmao

@ohtorifightclub this is why I wear my t shirt, so we can avoid each other at distance

might fuck around and start telling it like it is while taking no shit

they're renaming prog rock to preg cock

the new evangelion movie will be coming out on amazon prime on august 13th; you know what that means πŸ˜‰β€‹πŸ˜‰β€‹

user 'james cheese' has been tormenting me by sending me this picture. i fear for my life


i for one am 60 ravens who've manifested a gestalt consciousness. wouldn't be caught dead being a 'normal human' lmao

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