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pinning this for posterity: feel free to dm me if you think i've fucked up or had a bad take. i will not be upset at you for reaching out to me

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disclosure: i am a cracker so feel free to ask me to CW things or tell me to shut the fuck up.

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@starwall after respec, i'm a
genderhacker 10
fosslock 4
shitwizard 5
swordlesbian 2

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this account supports he/him and bi/pan lesbians so if you don't then let me know so i can block you thanks

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i accidentally clicked "clear cookies" on twitter, guess i'm never signing in again lmao

ah yes

this seems like a sustainable state of affairs

I sure am glad that the incoming president has concrete plans to address rent/mortgage payments under Covid

*touches earpiece*

ah, my mistake, he does not

why do cishet people have such trouble with they pronouns UNLESS its a trans guy or woman.....come on i see right through that shit

food; gross 

the last time i had monads nuggets i didn't shit solid for a week

the wife told me she's bisexual... she's fucking the mailman and the milkman!!

@kass if you're not enjoying the bisexuality bit, try the hentai chess bit that's going on at the same time

very sad with all the bisexual toots i inspired. none of them have pleased me yet

handing around a bit field enum representing my sexuality

sexual orientation quiz where almost all of the questions are not about sex at all.

"would you raise an army against a feudal lord with a
πŸ”˜ Man
πŸ”˜ Woman

I'm bisexual which means, yeah, I'll fuck your bike if you want me to.

New invention. "Bicycle". The wheel only turns twice

@esvrld im semisexual, i only have sex twice a year, every other year, at half mast

biology.... the study of things that there are two of

Bisexual but only attracted to one person but they're bigender

i just wish my girlfriend was nestled up against me and we could fall asleep holding each other tonight

yeah i'm BISEXUAL. i've only ever been attracted to two people

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