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disclosure: i am a cracker so feel free to ask me to CW things or tell me to shut the fuck up.

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@starwall after respec, i'm a
genderhacker 10
fosslock 4
shitwizard 5
swordlesbian 2

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this account supports he/him and bi/pan lesbians so if you don't then let me know so i can block you thanks

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i accidentally clicked "clear cookies" on twitter, guess i'm never signing in again lmao

2021 is the year of RISC-V on the desktop


The French Fry, so called because it was traditionally prepared in a French Press

I watch plenty of reality shows. Do you know how many vlogs of prozd eating junk food I've seen??

Thank you Kaiser for routing your guest wifi packets down to a shitty slow server in california before the rest of the wider internet

I've been rate limited. Monads cannot handle the superbowl-halftime-flushwave of shit I am forcing through my tiny little internet pipe. On this day, I have been silenced.

genderqueer cables: they can switch between being the plug and the port (and both at once! I don't know how to describe it in a way that does it justice) like they're transformers robots

highlight of the day so far has been someone shouting out "people BONE" in the waiting room of the infusion clinic

Problematic trans terminology shitpost 

yeah, I'm trans dvi-d to vga

Tbh it's kind of cathartic to downvote everyone in a thread

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Reddit: the place you go when you want to see insufferable jerks argue for thousands of words just because one person phrased something a little badly even though everyone knew what they meant.

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awards shitpost 

The fact that people care more about the Oscars than the Emmys is an element of patriarchy beca-

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I think I'm gonna go with limsa whatever 'cause despite my inability to remember the citys name or this ladys name she's really tall and hot, so,

Time for some oxygen not included I'll see you all in 10 hours

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