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i'm jack, formerly of radtown, formerly of knzk. coder by day, gameshow watcher by night. excited to bring the next evolution of nonsense here to this neck of the woods

calling my close friends into group call to discuss the 'next part of my character arc'

season 4 of fargo opens with a metaphor about bears: 10/10

but that's just a theory... a theory belonging to the category of set theories

sending out a net promoter score about my online presence

so much of myself is owed to the bear from the big blue house

best post on here should be known as the monads lisa

the people on this show are making a big deal about their friend having a secret three week relationship; is that a thing people would seriously make a big deal about or is this just TV making a swooping generalization

a lake cryptid themed bathroom

the best thing about living alone is that if i want to theme my bathroom around cryptids, nobody can stop me

i need to pick back up on my cryptid lake monster themed bathroom idea

“snarky gay detached” is a three string adjectival roast of the two of us

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Someone starts taking about the inherent eroticism of the sea and I’m like, “Ohh, have you ever heard Ocean Man by Ween. Yeah there’s an otamatone version..”

max from happy endings is the kind of gay representation i crave

who has time for shame when there’s a whole can of cinnamon buns to finish

it’s fucking insane to realize the song Fruit Salad by The Wiggles is older than i am

the alex trebek problem, where the goat must be phrased in the form of a question

the regis philbin problem, in which it has to be your final answer

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