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i'm jack, formerly of radtown, formerly of knzk. coder by day, gameshow watcher by night. excited to bring the next evolution of nonsense here to this neck of the woods

remember news aggregators? what if there wasn’t any theme except for “posted by a talking bear”

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been thinking about setting up a linkbot like @soundtrack but for links

my favorite christmas tradition is “the christmas f-word” in which only one of us gets to say fuck on christmas

i’ve been told i give off “bookie energy”


i cannot stress how much of a game changer it is to add a pinch of salt on top of your salad

all i do is eat mentos and post

there’s a typo on the stimulus bill and we’re all getting this

Please enjoy this year's Cognitohazard Holiday playlist, a playlist of songs that sound almost like Christmas songs! Thank you to everyone who participated, we made a good one this year!

wow this is way more fun after i usually go to bed

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