looking for the “you should get that checked out my good bitch” button

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putting film grain in a first person game so you can worry about the characters eyesight. it really makes you feel like an insomniac stepping into the sunlight.

love to rp as someone who has never seen a video game

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what’s that you’re playing there? the amungus?

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trolling my nephews by pronouncing it amungus

just learned about the super mario wet nut jump

s/o to my high school economics teacher who gave us copies of our tests the day before we took them and made us watch the breakfast club and also mightve been drunk the last day of school

i literally dont understand how anyone doesnt believe in covid at this point. literally everybody i know knows somebody whos gotten it and i hear about somebody new getting it all the time.

character in a movie (explicitly referred to as a terrorist), moments away from being brutalized: kuh, you cant do this. youre american. a symbol of virtue and world peace and democracy!

hard boiled cia agent, rolling a joint with a page torn out from the geneva convention: oh yeah?

@georgespolitzer the lonely stoner seeks to free their mind at night, jet fuel doesnt melt steel beams

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