socially killer mike in his music fiscally killer mike in real life


ill never forget killer mike for years in every interview using the “a riot is the voice of the unheard” quote just to get on tv with the chief of police and tell ppl to respect private property lmao


I have been sitting on tickets for that RATM and RTJ tour that's been postponed for years, and gently trying to hint to my buddy that maybe I should just refund them and he's like "eh it'll be fun."

and a few weeks ago I was finally like "Killer Mike is telling people the best thing they can do right now is follow grindset Instagram influencers for guidance because clearly they have everything figured out. I'm refunding those tickets. "

@cicatriz_jdr lmao thats funny as hell. i bet hes been constantly pitching using their logo for an NFT to el p


God I didn't even mention that Tom Morello did get into NFTs in that conversation. brb need to call my friend and yell at him like this is his fault like "AND ANOTHER THING!!"

@LaComtesseRouge @gonzo

Tom Morello mastering the art of pressing a dental drill against his fretboard and through his maestro like understanding of feedback, getting his guitar to perfectly squeal out the sound "don't boo, vote!"


@Ethancdavenport @gonzo

oh i know that feel. but if we lined up the pantheon of my favorite musicians i imagine it'd be pretty easy to sort them on a gradient where their opinions on shit range between "deeply confused" to "actively bad."

i'm a longtime believer that we shouldn't ask musicians opinions on anything. *especially* their music.

@gonzo His opening of his endorsement of Bernie with "I'm a capitalist" was really something

@Colophonscrawl yea that song “reagan” carried him for years as far as ppl just assuming his politics but he was always super open about being a small businesses guy

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