the ufc is so fucked up and weird. mma culture in general

jorge masvidal had a big year last year where he positioned himself as a Real Fighter. and ppl loved him. especially after he got into a rivalry with his former friend turned chud colby covington. until masvidal came out as a Q guy and it became clear why they were friends in the first place.

its like a running joke in the mma community how averse fighters are to unionizing. like the ufc has indoctrinated fans and fighters to the mentality of earning decent pay thru bonuses for putting on good fights rather than a base salary. fighters have been fucked out of their individual sponsorships cuz of the at first reebok now venum deals. dominick cruz called out the monster energy ufc ambassador to a charity fight for pressuring ufc fighters to make IG posts on his behalf under threat of losing their deals instead of organizing

not to mention the nazi fight clubs, jon jones and jackson-winklejohn roaming albuquerque and harassing protesters, the revelation that renzo gracie is himmlerfan88 etc

ufc is exactly like the wwe right down to their parallel attempts toward mainstream recognition by sanitizing their image. wwe now has nbc, ufc has espn.

shit is deep into the roots of the sport. down to the history of the gracies who are like the First Family and also capitalists to the bone. all their shit is all about protecting their brand, rigging things in their favor and spinning losses into positives for themselves. their early rivalry with luta livre is really illuminating

one of the most commonly known holds in jiu jitsu is referred to as “the kimura” solely cuz the gracies popularized calling it that after a judo practitioner named kimura beat the shit out of helio gracie and submitted him with it. branding.

@badboy69 yes! even when you win they win with them. they literally held him up and called him an “honorary gracie” its such bs

@badboy69 it sucks cuz sakuraba was such a badass even without them.

@badboy69 and now that hes older and riddled with injuries and years of smoking and drinking they regularly call him out for exhibitions and matches with their younger guys for him to lose

@badboy69 there’s definitely some weird mental gymnastics going on with them. they might have intense loyalty to a gym or camp and even be friends and train with other fighters. go thru intense weight cuts together etc. but still when it comes to actual pay its all individualism and red scare bs

@badboy69 most other sports at least have some form of collective bargaining tho. the closest the ufc has is when the top superstars occasionally call out fighters whove been around a while just to get them a payday.

@badboy69 and when fighters hold out on signing for a fight for better pay, like clockwork dana white is on twitter saying he “offered so and so so many fights that they keep refusing cuz theyre scared!”

@gonzo reminds me of NASCAR drivers deciding to unionize to try to get at least moderate amounts of safety & guarantees their race entries would be honoured, but having to call it something else because none of the drivers wanted to be in a union

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