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i wanna know why in yung jocs brain “shes chewing on the dick like a piece of bubblegum” sounds appealing

dont send me feet pics send me hot crypto stock tips

this rick ross and t pain song has put me in a time machine. suddenly im ironing my polo shirt before going to middle school

a wine mom that knows all the words to last time that checc’d. tipsey hussle

somehow its way funnier that the system at work flipped the words for drain cock around.

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shipped another part labelled “cock drain” today

at work we got invoiced for a car part labelled “cock drain” today

you know its hard out here for a simp
when youre trying to get this money so you can simp

someone just said “owww” from a bathroom stall. you good, bro.

the himbo mafia doesnt exist. its a myth made up in movies.

i was walking and two of my bosses started walking to keep pace with me trying to talk to me and i was like “yea this is cool and all but excuse me, i gotta go pretend to take a shit while i check my phone”

very funny too me that the ruling class considers something as basic as "giving a schedule in advance to a worker" to be bolshevism, lol

wanted (2008) is in the incel criterion collection

walking around the white house in the middle of the night and walking in on donald trump in a dog suit sucking off joe biden

finance the remake im producing with the intention to piss off white nerd bros that love bullshit from the 80s specifically. its called Themlins. nonbinary gremlins and also i took out the weird racism too

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